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Being a music lover isn't just defined by the love of listening to music from time to time, it's also defined by the choice of tools with which a person consumes it. Wireless headphones have been on the market for a long time. Bass-amplifying and equalizing apps choke the Google Play store list.

At present, we have the BassMe, a portable subwoofer that offers music consumers an exceptional sensation. Let's talk about this little gadget, and where to find it. And finally, let's talk about its long-time rival, the famous woojer, and how to use it. We're off!

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Description and history of BassMe :

As we said at the outset, this is a small portable objectwith an exceptional design that aims to make you feel deep inside the battery boomer instead of just hearing them through the headphones.

This article is a masterpiece by Alban Duroy that he released on the occasion of a competition held in Perpignan in October 2017. In just two days, Alban Duroy's team was able to release the prototype version of BassMe. This little object created a buzz in France, and shortly afterwards, the young designer put his item in the window of major boutiques around the world.

Where can the BassMe be found?

The BassMe is currently available on Amazon, Fnac, Rakuten and many others. It is offered on Amazon in the high-tech category. Several colors and models are offered, with customer feedback of no less than 3.4 for each reference.

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In terms of price, the BassMe is less expensive than the woojer Vest, which costs over 400 euros. Speaking of woojer, the Woojer Edge is available at the attractive price of 150 euros.

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How to use BassMe

This subwoofer can be connected to the sound-emitting device via Bluetooth, or via a 3.5 mm jack input. In terms of autonomy, its battery promises three days of non-stop ambience. It weighs in at around 400 g, but doesn't get in the way of your shoulder. And no matter how big or small you are, don't worry, BassMe has plenty of notches to attach to accessories, making it easy to use. adjustable and adaptable for all body types.

According to user reviews, it's best to wear thin clothing above your torso for optimal sound.

BassMe VS Woojer

For those who don't know it, Woojer is also a personal subwoofer, but these two items differ in their designs. Before choosing between the two products, we suggest you take a look at reviews of Woojer and BassMe's.

The Woojer is shaped like a belt while BassMe in the shape of a small arch which is placed between the pectoral muscles.

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