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Emojis are currently considered the first universal language invented by human beings. In fact, it's one of the most widely used characters on the Internet, and has the same feel wherever you are. Use emojis not only in messages and conversations, but also in a wide range of other means of communication.

However, today's generation uses emojis in a roundabout way. They sometimes use them to express more sarcasm and irony than the president generation.

New exchanges are created that sometimes confuse their meaning. To better understand the meaning of emojis, find out what they mean. We're not going to go into all the emojis that exist, but we'll focus on one in particular in this article: the shut up with index finger over mouth emoji. Let's find out what it really means, and what emojis are really for.

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🤫: Face emoji with a finger over the mouth: What does it mean?

The face emoji with a finger on the mouth, with the index finger on the mouth is an emoji that expresses silence Where keep quiet, literally.

  • In fact, the finger on the mouth can be interpreted as hush Where be more discreet.
  • Sometimes, it can also have a sneaky meaning. It can be interpreted in a thousand and one ways, but on some apps, it can be thought of as an emoji with a caring appearance Where slightly irritated.
  • In other cases, it may be considered as a benevolent. This symbol is mainly used to tell the recipient to be quiet or to make less noise.
  • This emoji can also be interpreted as exercise discretion, keep a secret or letting someone know that the information you're giving them is confidential.

In short, it can therefore be interpreted in several ways depending on the situation, so you only have to tell the employee well to make yourself understood in your exchanges.

Bonus: a few examples of how to use this emoji 

  •  "Hush, make less noise.🤫"
  •  "You have to keep it a secret 🤫."
  • "I think I've said enough. 🤫 "
  • "A secret relationship, I hate 🤫."

General information about this emoji

This emoji belongs to the category of emojis that display the hand or fingers, like theface emoji with a hand over the mouth🤭 or the hugging face emoji🤗. It's in the same group as the hugging emoji, the hand-over-mouth emoji and the pensive emoji.

Here is a summary of the basic information of this emoji:

  • Name: Face with finger on mouth
  • Category: 😂 Smileys & Emotion
  • Subcategory: 🤔 face-hand
  • Unicode version: 10.0

Other names:

Here are the other names of this emoji:

  • Emoji silence ;
  • Emoji shut up;
  • Discreet emoji.

What are emojis for?

Emojis are used to allow us to transmit our emotions more easily and our ideas in the text messages we send. For example, we put a crying emoji 😭 to express something funny or sad, or the use ofemoji thumb up 👍 to show our approval, or the heart emoji to show our affection. Indeed, sending a message without an emoji can be considered cold or unpleasant in certain contexts.

We also use emojis to make ourselves better understood by our interlocutors or to lighten the tone of the conversation or the atmosphere in which the discussion is taking place. So, with just a few emojis, we can get a message or our feelings across in writing.

What's more, the meanings of these little symbols are generally the same wherever you are, with the exception of theemoji smiling face with halo which can mean something else in some countries, such as China. So it's possible to make yourself understood simply by using these emojis, or by accompanying your messages with them.

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