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  • The blue stars on Tinder are Super Likes, allowing you to stand out from the crowd by paying a subscription or buying additional Super Likes, thus increasing your chances of a match.
  • Users can send Super Likes by pressing the blue star next to the profile name or swiping up, and receive notifications when someone sends them a Super Like.
  • The gold star indicates profiles that have already liked yours, available via the Tinder Gold subscription, offering additional benefits to improve visibility and connection chances.

The number of paid features on Tinder continues to grow, to optimize your profile. Today, getting matched on the dating app isn't just about having a Tinder account. The most important thing is to make the most of the features offered by the application. In this text, let's find out together, what is the star on Tinder?

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Blue Star
Image showing blue stars on Tinder

What does that blue star on Tinder mean?

In fact, the blue star is a super like. This is obtained after subscribing to Tinder Gold, depending on the length of the subscription. Each super, like will offer a profile, a beautiful blue border. This increases the chances of likes and matches. However, only five Super Likes are allowed per week unless you pay...

If you're new to Tinder, you'll see blue stars on the app, and you're probably wondering what they mean. The blue stars are placed at the very center of the application. This often leads to confusion, as most users think it's a button for liking someone. However, this is a paid option on Tinder.

How do I send a blue star on Tinder?

How do I send Super Likes and how do they work? It's easy! When you're swiping and you come across a profile that really gets you going, you have two options for sending it a Super Like:

  • In pressing on the little blue star next to its name.
  • In swippant its profile upwards.

How do we know when we've received a super like?

This way, you'll know when you've received Super Likes or blue stars. by means of a notification. Find out which one sent you a super like, open Tinder and start swiping to identify who has sent you a Super Like. The person's profile may not be the first to appear in the profile gallery, but it will be represented by a blue star.

In fact, that's the whole point of a Super Like. Because by using a Super Like, your profile will be at the top while the user swipes, whereas with a normal like, you can't be sure: your profile could be drowned out by thousands of other people in your town.

However, if you are a Tinder Gold or Platinum subscriber, you have the option ofaccess the Likes You screen to immediately spot the person who gave you a Super Like.

Super Likes gone: Why?

Sometimes Super Likes may be sent by mistakealas! And sometimes they can be undone using the Rewind function. If no Super Like appears in your profile gallery or in the You Like Her screen, it's probably due to a sending error.

Are Super Likes free on Tinder?

Long gone are the days when Super Likes were offered free of charge. Now you have to pay to use them.

Here are the current Super Likes rates:

  • 3 Super Likes for a prize of 11,99€ (€4 each)
  • 15 Super Likes to 46,99€ (€3.13 each)
  • 30 Super Likes to 69,99€ (€2.33 each)

So, if the person pays to have these Super Likes, he or she can use them to send as much as she wants every day!

But, be aware that another option to get Super Likes is to subscribe to a Tinder Gold or Tinder Platinum membership, which will get you 5 free Super Likes every week.

Is it possible to attach a message to a Super Like?

Tinder Platinum makes it possible to send a message with a Super Like. This is the Message Before Matching feature, offered exclusively with Platinum.

What are the other symbols on Tinder?

Here's a list of the symbols you can meet on the Tinder dating platform!

Symbols on Tinder in pictures
Symbols on Tinder in pictures

The yellow arrow :

The circular yellow arrow allows you to return to previous profile. Because of the speed of interactions, we often find ourselves throwing away or even giving a like without having a good assessment of the user's profile.

X in red :

This symbol goes against the like and shows that you're you have no interest in to this profile. This means that Tinder will automatically move on to the next suggestion and that user will no longer be present in your feed.

The heart in green:

The green hearts on the platform are likes used on Tinder. You can also turn on, i.e. give likes, by swiping the screen to the right.
If the other user gives you a like in return, the profiles will be matched, resulting in a match!

Ray in violet :

A violet ray symbol, also called Boost, increases your visibility in the feeds of other users in the region for half an hour. This will enable your profile to be seen more often during this period, increasing the likelihood of receiving likes and potential matches.


This tool select profiles in the last 24 hours and presents you with the ones that suit you best according to your preferences. This choice is based on your preferences and hobbies, so it's vital to be extremely precise in your profile settings. In this way, the algorithm can identify individuals who are more likely to match you.

Blue shield

This icon takes you to an extremely important tab, namely the safety center. This gives you the opportunity to report any form of abuse or irregularity you may have observed on the platform. Le Central also offers a range of information to help you stay safe on the platform and at your meetings.

The blue dot

Unlike social media platforms like Instagram, for example, on Tinder, the verified icon is accessible to all users. This blue dot shows her that you're are identical through the photos in the gallery.

What does the gold star mean?

First, there are two types of stars on Tinder:

  • The blue star, which we spoke of above;
  • Then the gold star.

The gold star or gold star on Tinder is located on the bottom menu bar of our screen. This is another function on the Tinder application. It allows us to find out which profiles have already liked our profile. In other words, the gold star is a flirting clue. Of course, there's a charge for this feature. To get this option, you need to subscribe to Tinder Gold. This type of subscription will unlock benefitsIn other words, to connect with more people and be given priority on the application. The subscription price is a little more expensive, but if you want a little extra help, it's well worth it.

In short, stars on Tinder are boosts for the visibility of your Tinder profile. For your information, these are paid features on the application, but give you more chances to be matched.

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