Summoning chance RSL x25, the new vent!

Translation of Plarium news shared with RSL creators:

x25 rsl

We're introducing the brand-new "Progressive Chance" event!
This event lets you increase the chance of summoning particular champions from a selected pool by up to x25 simply by adding them to special summoning slots.

So every time you summon a champion whose rarity matches that of the champions in the summoning slots, you increase the chance of summoning those champions in the summoning slots by x5. Basically, you go from x15 to x25.

Summoning a champion of one type of Shard will not affect the chances of obtaining champions of all other types of Shard.
Similarly, increasing the chance of summoning a champion in one of the summoning slots does not affect the chance of summoning a champion of a certain rarity.

Simply select the champions you want to increase their summoning chances and place them in the summoning slots. That's all there is to it!
You can remove champions from summon slots at any time. But they must be added to the summoning slot to receive the progressive boost. Remember that the number of summoning slots available is limited.

The chances of summoning epic and legendary champions from Ancient, Void, Primal and Sacred Shards are the same as usual.

These events won't replace our x10 events. But they'll be an excellent complement, I think.

The boost for this Friday:

  • Staltus Dragonbane :AncientShard: :PrimalShard: :SacredShard:
  • Sniktraak :AncientShard: :PrimalShard: :SacredShard:
  • Nekmo Thaar :AncientShard: :PrimalShard: :SacredShard:
  • Kantra the Cyclone :AncientShard: :PrimalShard: :SacredShard:
  • Countess Lix :AncientShard: :PrimalShard: :SacredShard:
  • Teodor the Savant :AncientShard: :PrimalShard: :SacredShard:
  • Teumesia :VoidShard:
  • Ursuga Warcaller :VoidShard:
  • Lady Annabelle :AncientShard: :PrimalShard: :SacredShard:
  • Stag Knight :AncientShard: :PrimalShard: :SacredShard:
  • White Dryad Nia :VoidShard:
  • Tuhak the Wanderer :VoidShard:

You can find the list here :

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