April 2023 New Champion Fusion: Razelvarg

On Thursday, April 13, we plan to launch a new champion fusion event – Razelvarg.

Icon of Razelvarg from RSL

  • Faction- skin walkers
  • Scarcity - Legendary
  • Kind - Attack
  • Affinity – Magic

Razelvarg will be very useful for clearing some late game content, like Hydra and hard mode dungeons. Let's take a look at his unique skills.

Image of Razelvarg from RSL

Razelvarg's entire kit revolves around the SPD. It passively increases its speed up to 100, which is in addition to his base SPD, which is great, since all of his damage is calculated based on theATK+SPD. Furthermore, Razelvarg places [Increased SPD] on all his allies and brings an aura of speed to combat.

Razelvarg's A1 increases his own turn meter by 5%, A2 has a chance to place a [Leech] on enemies, while the A3 can place useful buffs on your allies.


RSL's Razelvarg Skill

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