Pokéclicker, how to catch all the baby pokemons?

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The desire to have babies Cute Pokémons in your Pokédex? We've got a complete list of what you need. As an added bonus, we've got techniques for catching those cute baby Pokémons in your collection.

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Pokéclicker illustration for our tutorial on how to catch all baby pokémon. Source : Alucare.fr

How to get these baby Pokemon?

There are two important methods for catching baby Pokémon. Obviously, one is much less profitable than the other.

  • The first step is to wandering the roads and dungeons. Please refer to the full Pokédex for their locations.
  • For the second method, use a reproduction system Pokémons. The latter will be the egg depositing in the hatchery to hatch new monsters.

Yes, that's the boost you need! What's more, once you've mastered the mechanics, you'll be able toget cash on you and you can't get them just by doing this. On the other hand, it should be pointed out that the baby Pokémon principle is only triggered by a Pokémon.from the second region to Johto. By the way, Pokémon must be level 100 to be put into Hatchery as eggs.

Who are all the baby Pokémons and how do you get them?

Here is a complete list of all your baby Pokémon:

  • Pichu You can obtain them by hatching a Pikachu egg.
  • Cleffa Hatch a Clefairy Méfolée egg to obtain Cleffa.
  • Igglybuff or Toudoudou: You can obtain them by hatching a Jigglupuff or Rondoudou egg.
  • Tyrolean : For the Tyrogue, you can obtain it by hatching a Hitmonlee egg; Hitmochan, or in Mt Mortar.
  • Smoochum Hatch a Jynx or Lippoutou egg to obtain them.
  • Elekid: Hatch an egg from Electabuzz or local electric eggs to obtain them.
  • Magby Hatch a Magmar egg or the local fire eggs to obtain them.
  • Budew: Hatch a Roselia egg or on route 204 to obtain them.
  • Chingling or Korillon To obtain them, make an egg at Chimecho Eoko or at Mt Coronet North.
  • Bonsly or Manzai : Hatch a Sudwodoo egg to obtain them.
  • Mime Jr: Hatch Mr Mime to get them.
  • Happiny : Hatch a Chansey egg to get these baby Pokémons.
  • Munchlax: Hatch a Snorlax egg to obtain them.
  • Mantyke: obtain them by hatching a Mantine egg or on Route 223.
  • Wynaut or okéoké: can be obtained by hatching a Wobbufet egg. However, it cannot be found in the wild, and some players have obtained it from an event.
  • Toxizap or Toxel : To obtain it, you must earn the Plant Badge in Greenbury along Route 5.
  • Togepi: You can obtain it by hatching a rare egg 5 km away.
  • Riolu : Considered a rather rare Pokémon, to obtain it, make an unusual egg collection of 10 km.
  • Azurille : You can get an Azurille from the eggs after 7 km.

Having baby Pokémon in your collection is a great thing, they're all sweet and cute. It makes for a better Game for users! You'll love your game even more!

Would you like to share your experiences of conquering baby Pokémon in the comments? We'd love to!

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