Introducing New RSL Updates

Introducing New RSL Updates

Below is all the info about the awakening, it's the transcripts of the RSL video, you can scroll down to discover the video and watch it :).


Hi everyone and welcome to another episode of Updates Overview.

Today we're going to talk about Awakening and go into more detail about the things we didn't have time to cover in our recent new features video.

We are also preparing a second video, on the Fort of the Iron Twins, the skills of the Bosses, and the tactics and strategies to eliminate the Twins. But for now, let's focus on Awakening.

Let's start with the basics.

– The Awakening, unlocked at Level 42, is a kind of mixture of Perfection and Masteries.

The Awakening part is similar to Perfection: you awaken your Champions, star by star, to strengthen them.

In fact, one of the only rules of Awakening is that you cannot Awaken a Champion to a Level higher than his Perfection Level.

So, we Awaken it, and then what? This is where it's similar to Masteries. Once you Awaken a Champion, you can choose a Grace for him.

These are powerful Passive Skills which can totally transform the way a Champion is used, unlocking levels of potential or completely changing their role.

Each Grace belongs to a specific Divinity. At the moment there are four: Light, Dark, War and Chaos.. As soon as you Awaken a Champion, you can choose the Grace you want. Without condition.

Finally, by remaining reasonable. Like Champions, Graces have Rarities. So Rare Champions can only have Rare Graces, Epics can choose Rare or Epic Graces and Legendaries have access to all of them.

But once you've Awakened a Champion, there's nothing else you need to do to unlock the available Graces. However, one can strengthen the power of the Graces, by Awakening the Champion to higher levels.

Each Grace improves as a Champion's Awakening level increases, whether it's improving stat bonuses or unlocking new effects and skills.

And the most beautiful? Everything is linked to the Awakening level of the Champion : No need to improve each Grace individually. If we have a Champion at Level 5 of Awakening, he will benefit from the advantages of Level 5 of the chosen Grace. Easy as pie.

You can also change Grace at any time. As for the Masteries, the first change is totally free, but then it costs Gems.

One can choose all available Graces of all Deities, but switching to a Grace of the same Deity will be a bit cheaper than changing Deities.

The Three Graces of Chaos Divinity

  • Now, let's examine the Graces themselves, starting with one of the coolest, Polymorph!

It is a Legendary Grace of the Chaos Deity and it delivers on its promise of chaos.

As soon as an enemy places a debuff on a Champion with this Grace, or steals or removes one of his buffs, there is a chance that he will receive a small debuff itself. Only, it's not a normal debuff, like an Attack or Defense Reduction: he will be transformed into a Sheep and lose access to all his skills.

There is only 5 % chance that it happens to Level 1, but if a Champion is fully Awakened to Level 6, there will be 20 % chance to transform any Champion in Sheep for 2 turns. And if you're wondering what a Sheep's life is like, well, any Champion who has become a Sheep can only use one Sheep skill. He'll charge forward, attack an enemy, and, uh, that's it. But he's a Sheep, so the Herd Mentality kicks in: as soon as a Sheep attacks, all the others join the herd and attack.

Getting transformed into a Sheep can basically take a Champion out of the game for 2 turns, but it can be good.
Every time we attack as Sheep, there's 50 % chance to remove the debuff and regain his Champion form. And as soon as we get rid of the Sheep debuff, it expires or we lose all our HP as a sheep, we find his Champion form at 50 % of HP, no matter how many we had before the transformation.

It's a fun Grace, and an even funnier Debuff, and we can't wait to see what you do with it. So it's a Legendary Grace, but other Champions have access to many more Awesome Graces.

  • The Survival Instinct is a Rare Grace of the Chaos Deity which can totally turn a situation around.

When an enemy uses a skill that places, spreads or transfers a debuff to a Champion with this Grace, this Champion's Turn Meter will be boosted. This incredible Grace allows your Champions tointerrupting opponents' order of play and ruining their day.

  • Here is another: Shell reduces damage taken if a Champion is afflicted with various crowd control debuffs, such as Stun, Freeze, Fear, and even Petrify.

Additionally, it provides nice boosts to the Champion's HP, Toughness, and Speed, allowing him to be much better equipped to withstand Arena stunlocks and tough Boss Battles.

And don't forget that these last two Graces are Rare, so it's not just high-level Champions who will enjoy serious benefits.

Some Graces from other Divinities

Ok, we've looked in detail at three Graces of the Chaos Deity, but let's quickly introduce a few Graces from the other Deities,

  • starting with the War Deity,

Life Harvest increases the Champion's Turn Meter whenever an enemy is revived and destroys a portion of their MAX HP for good measure, weakening them each time. Chain Breaker helps Champions break free from crowd control debuffs, Imposing Presence boosts the team's Aura and Hero's Soul boosts a Champion's damage against Bosses, based on the number of enemies in battle. It will be huge for the Spider's Den.

  • Next, the Light Divinity : the good samaritans. Light Cage Grace shields buffs and boosts damage with Orbs of Light.

Celestial Blow causes the Skill to default to ignoring some enemy Resistance. Excellent in case of essential debuff on the first skill.

And here is one of my favorites: miraculous care helps recover destroyed HP as soon as the Blessed Champion heals. Excellent for battles against Hydra.

  • And finally, the Divinity of Darkness: as you might expect, she doesn't manipulate rainbows.

Let's take Pupil of the Fallen: it offers special Bone Armor that protects against attacks, then offers more when your allies perish around you. At the highest level, you'll even summon undead skeletons to charge at your enemies. It's awesome.

  • The Lethal Dose Grace increases damage dealt through Poison debuffs in the Arena and also ignores some enemy resistance. If that doesn't sound painful enough, the Cruelty Grace destroys part of the enemy's defense, making them much easier to hurt.

Ok, that's a really quick rundown of some of the coolest Graces: keep an eye on our social media for more.


Now that you know why Awaken your Champions, let's explain how.

It all starts here atAltar of Souls. Well almost, everything really begins in the Fort of the Iron Twins. This is where you will defeat the Iron Twins to earn the Soul Pieces required to start the Awakening process. But we'll do a video about the Twins later, so let's ignore them for now.

So imagine: you are the best. You crushed the Iron Twins. You have all the Soul Pieces in the world. It's time to get your hands on Champion Souls and awaken Champions.


→ First, let's recap some rules : only Rare, Epic and Legendary Champions can be awakened, and each requires its own Soul. We cannot Awaken Venus with Valkyrie Souls for example.

Another point to keep in mind is that the level of Perfection is important for Awakening. Champions cannot be Awakened to a level higher than their Perfection level. To make it easy to follow, the level of Perfection is indicated by a nice red color.


The souls

Ok, so, Souls. There are two types of Soul: Perfect Souls and Split Souls.

  • Perfect Souls allow you to Awaken a Champion to the exact level indicated by their star numbers, without any additional steps or requirements.

If you are lucky enough to find a Perfect Soul 6 stars for Valkyrie, you can fully Awaken it at once.

  • Split Souls, as for them, Awaken Champions one level at a time. For example, if a 5-star Split Soul is found, it can only be used on Champions who have already reached Awakening Level 4.

How do I get these Souls?

Now let's talk about how to get these Souls.

  • Perfect Souls are the most versatile and powerful, so you should collect as many as possible.

The main way is to summon with Soul Stones, which always give perfect Souls. And to get Soul Stones, you have to go to the Mystical Market and use the Soul Pieces earned by defeating the Iron Twins.

There are 3 types of Soul Stones : mortal, immortal, eternal.

Better is the Stone of Souls, the better the chances of having Superior Souls: higher Level Souls for higher Rarity Champions. The details of the chances are displayed on the screen.


Summoning Souls using Soul Stones also requires Silver and the process is similar to summoning Champions with Shards, so you should quickly get used to it.

Small bonus here, you will be able to constantly improve your stocks of Soul Pieces by using Soul Stones. For example, using 10 Mortal Soul Stones grants 200 Immortal Soul Coins.

You can also receive Eternal Soul Pieces by using Immortal Soul Stones. This scale means you can get high level Soul Stones just by Summoning Souls.

But that's not all. As you know, there are hundreds of Champions in Raid and getting the right Soul for the right Champion might take a while. So we have something to speed up the process.

This is the Wish List. You can choose 9 Champions to add to the roster and chances of summoning Perfect Souls for them using Soul Stones will be lined. Simple and without compensation!

Ok, that was Perfect Souls, but what about Split Souls?

  • Split Souls, Split Souls can be obtained from the Soul Merchant, but instead of using Soul Stones, we exchange Soul Essence.

We can findSoul Essence by looting the Fort of the Iron Twins or buying them with Soul Stones. 

Fortunately, the advantage of the Soul Merchant is that you can choose which Souls you want. The Merchant has Souls of each Level and Rarity, but its stock is constantly changing: you will have to stop there regularly to see what is available.

To make it even more appealing, the Merchant likes to make sure he has what you're looking for. There will therefore never be a Split Soul of a level lower than its needs.

For example, if we have a Valkyrie at Awakened Level 3, the next Split Soul we see for the Valkyrie will be Level 4. And if a Champion hasn't been Awakened at all, we might even see some Level 1 perfect souls too!

All this to say that you should visit the Soul Merchant regularly to catch the Souls you need.

These are all the ways to get Souls, but once you have them, you have to know where to find them.

⇒ It's easy: go to your Soul Collection. It works almost like the Champions Collection and can be expanded if more Slots are needed.

Oh, and don't forget: you can always sell unwanted Souls to get more Soul Coins. Thus, nothing is wasted and we can start the hunt for Souls again.

Demonstration video of the new Main features of Raid Shadow Legend:

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