September 23, 2022 Raid Digest

Hello, Raiders! Summer has almost given way to fall, with its long nights and cozy evenings; an old version of the game, 6.0.0., has almost given way to the new version, 6.10, which will arrive on Raid at the very end of the month; the relaxing summer holidays have come to an end, and October awaits us with its special festive celebrations – Oktoberfest, and – boo – Halloween (time to stock up on pumpkins and spooky masks).

Alright, let's stop talking, it's time for the Raaaaaid Digest.

Enormous Ukko: clarification on his passive skill "Totem Warden" (Totem Warden)

As you know, the passive skill ofukko Grants 50% chance to steal 1 random buff from a random enemy each time they receive a buff. Any stolen buff becomes protected.

This means that every time an enemy places a buff on their allies, there is a 50% chance that Ukko will try to steal that buff from a random receiver of the buff. The ACC/RES control will therefore be between Ukko and this random enemy. Please note that Ukko is sneaky enough to steal both buffs that were placed earlier and those that are placed now.

So, in short, 1 buff is 1 control, regardless of how many opponents with that buff are on the enemy team. If the enemy places more than one buff, Ukko attempts to steal each one.


A central topic of our Digest will be bug fixes as we want to keep you updated on their status.

  • Players have reported to us that the boss Magical Affinity, Iron Twins, takes a bit more effort than the others, while it shouldn't differ from its counterparts at the same stage. We will address this disparity in future updates.
  • Additionally, we are aware that the Iron Twin [Iron Mark] debuff is not working as intended. Currently, it is not possible to resist extending an [Iron Mark] debuff, and the fix is already underway. As soon as v.6.10 is released, your Champions will be able to resist extending the [Iron Mark] effect the same way they can resist landing.
  • There's no doubt that it's annoying when the game starts freezing and having issues in the middle of a Tag Team Arena battle. With the release of version 6.10, we will fix this. The game will function normally after the round change in the Tag Team Arena with Champions affected by Graces such as Polymorph, Pupil of the Fallen, Luminous Cage, Brimstone, etc.
  • In the battle against the Astranyx, copies of your Champions get the first turn, but that's not supposed to happen. This happens when some of your Champions have Graces that affect the leader's Aura (like Intimidating Presence or Commanding Presence). The problem will be fixed in one of the next versions (not in 6.10).
  • Self-sacrifice skills (like Renegade's A3) trigger the activation of [Ghost's Touch] Grace. This is a bug, the correction is planned in one of the next versions.

Next week, you'll hear more about bug fixes and features coming soon to the game. Stay tuned!

Iron Twins Boss and Affinity Reset

Several players reported the following issue regarding the Iron Twins: when resetting at UTC 0:00, when the Affinity changes, the battle with the Iron Twins is interrupted and the following message appears on the screen

Bug RSL screenshot

Indeed, when the change of Affinities takes place, the result of the battle will not be saved, you will not receive a reward, you will not recover the energy. However, you will not lose the Fortress key.

To avoid losing Energy, try not to start a fight against the Iron Twins if you're not sure you can finish it before the Affinity change/reset.

Again, about 2FA

We all know that – safety first. You all have two-factor authentication enabled on your accounts, right? It's not a tricky procedure – you only have to do it once, and it will stay active for as long as you want.

There is one nuance that we want to bring to your attention today: if you received 2FA verification codes without personally requesting them, please change your account email and password as soon as possible. Changing the credentials will keep the account secure and prevent such situations in the future.

CvC Tournament (September 27)

Now on to the next topic – the next CvC Tournament. Next week, Tuesday, we will be launching a CvC Tournament with Personal Rewards. It's high time to sharpen your axes and swords. May the best Clans win!

Oh, and last but not least: BrewMaiden. Do you have any sense? Put this Promo code in game to get Breweries. Code expires October 3, 2022 – hurry!

Happy Oktoberfest, Raiders! And have a great weekend!

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