The new game mode in Raid Shadow Legends: The Cursed City

The fundamental principles of the Cursed City

The "Cursed City" is an all-new game mode available in Raid Shadow Legends for players of level 52 and above.

Illustration of the cursed city icon
Screenshot of the Cursed City icon in RSL. Source: Yann (


It features a brand-new map with 101 stages of varying difficulty. Here's a look at the map of the cursed city:

Illustration of a preview of the cursed city map in RSL
Screenshot of the cursed city map preview in RSL. Source: Yann (


Unlike the "Doom Tower", here you have the option of choosing your own route through the Cursed City of Sintranos, and you can even skip certain stages if you wish. However, it's advisable not to, as each stage offers interesting rewards, but we'll talk about that later.

You have one month to explore the Cursed City and face its main boss, Amius Lunar Archonbefore a new rotation begins, resetting all your progress. Although the map itself remains unchanged, each new rotation will bring changes that make each new game different from the last.

This game mode offers two difficulty levels: Normal and Hard. By default, you start on Hard mode, but you can switch to Normal difficulty and back at any time. It's important to remember that to access any stage of the Cursed City (with the exception of the Eclipse Tower), you'll need Cursed City keys, and you'll obtain a fixed quantity of these each day. Although you'll have enough keys to complete both difficulty levels each month, it's generally wiser to plan your progress.


The Cursed City map is divided into four districts of increasing difficulty, each with 25 stages:

  • Cobblemarket (Easy)
  • Deadrise (Medium)
  • Plagueholme (Medium)
  • Soulcross (Difficult)

Rising above it all is the Eclipse Tower, protected by arcane portals that only open once you've found 3 Eclipse Keys in the City. And while your path always begins in the Cobblemarket, you're free to explore Sintranos as you please, choosing your own route through the neighborhoods, taking shortcuts or tackling any of the available challenges.

Stage types

Each neighborhood offers a fixed number of specific stages: 16 regular stages, 3 awakening stages, 3 boss stages and 3 double boss stages. Here's how they work:

  • Regular stages are made up of three rounds in which you take on teams of enemy champions. You should be familiar with this format, but the City of Doom stages present greater challenges than you might be used to. Pictured below are the icons for the regular stages
Illustration of the icons on the regular stages in the cursed city
Screenshot of icons on regular stages in the cursed city of RSL. Source: Yann (
  • The stages of awakening follow the same basic principle, but you must meet specific Awakening level requirements to access them. For example, if you need an awakening level of 5, you can use either a champion with an awakening level of 5, or two champions with an awakening level of 3 and 2. These stages are not compulsory to complete the Cursed City, but they offer interesting rewards and an alternative way to cross Sintranos. Below is an example of an icon for the awakening stages
Illustration of the icons on Etapes d'éveil
Screenshot of the Awakening Stages icons in RSL. Source: Yann (
  • The stages of boss present the magical reflections of Teleria's most fearsome bosss. Don't let up, because whether they're reflections or not, they still hit just as hard! Fortunately, the difficulty of these bosss increases according to the district, so you won't have to face the worst of them before reaching Croix d'Âme. Below is a sample icon for the stages of boss
Illustration of an example of a Boss stage in the cursed city
Screenshot of a Boss Stage Example in the Cursed City. Source: Yann (
  • Double steps boss are specific to the Cursed City game mode and, as the name suggests, pit you against a team of two bosss at a time! Difficulty also increases with each district, but even the boss teams of the Marché des Pavés won't be easy to beat. Below is a sample icon for the double boss stages.
Screenshot of an example of a double boss stage in the cursed city. Source: Yann (

Finally, there's the Eclipse Tower, where Amius Lunar Archon resides. As previously mentioned, you need to find 3 keys to the Eclipse to enter. These keys can be found in the double boss stages, their location is random and changes with each rotation. However, there is always one key per district (with the exception of Soul Cross), and you can see it among the stage rewards. Once you've collected the keys, it's time to face Amius and put an end to his madness! That said, it's worth noting that some of the best treasures are to be found in this final area, along with the toughest challenges.

Stage restrictions

All stages in the "Cursed City" game mode, including the boss stages, have one of several restrictions required to access them. These restrictions change with each rotation and depend on the difficulty you've chosen. Here are a few examples of these restrictions:

  • Rarity: Only champions with a specific rarity can take part in the stage.
  • Affinity: Only champions of a specific affinity are allowed in the stage.
  • Faction: Only champions belonging to a specific faction or alliance can access the stage.
  • Type: Only champions of a specific type are allowed in the stage.

Awakening stages always require a certain number of awakening levels on your team in addition to these random restrictions.

Cursed City quests and rewards

In each rotation, you'll face a number of quests related to the Cursed City. These missions focus on various objectives, such as completing a specific number of stages, completing awakening stages, defeating Amius Lunar Archon, and many more.

Normal and difficult mode quests

The quests are the same for both difficulties:

  • Complete 25 steps
  • Complete 50 steps
  • Complete 101 steps
  • Finish 6 stages of awakening
  • Finish 12 stages of awakening
  • and beat Amius Lunar Archonite

Cursed city rewards in Normal mode

Completing the Cursed City quests on normal difficulty will earn you Cursed Candles. With 100 Cursed Candles, you can have a Cursed Chest containing 4 rewards in the following image:

Illustration of the cursed chest rewards for normal difficulty in the cursed city of RSL. Source: Yann
Screenshot of the cursed chest rewards for normal difficulty in the cursed city of RSL. Source: Yann (

Cursed city rewards in difficult mode

When you complete these quests in Difficult mode, you unlock a series of exceptional rewards as shown in the image below, including a brand-new mythical champion, Karnage the Anarch. By the way, you can find the list of all champions on our page Tier List of champions Raid Shadow Legends

Pictorial illustration of completion rewards in difficult difficulty in the cursed city of RSL. Source: Yann
Screenshot of hard difficulty completion rewards in the cursed city of RSL. Source: Yann (


Thereafter, you'll continue to accumulate "Occult Cursed Candles", which you can use to open Cursed City Chests containing a variety of rewards as shown in the image below.

Illustration of the cursed chest rewards for the difficult difficulty in RSL
Screenshot of the cursed chest rewards for the hard difficulty in the cursed city of RSL. Source: Yann (

However, if you play in Normal mode, you'll receive Cursed Candles and won't have access to this unique chain of rewards. Instead, you'll get Cursed City Chests, which offer a different set of rewards to those in Hard mode.

In addition, the first time you complete a stage in the Cursed City, you'll receive a variety of rewards, including Cursed Vestiges (which you can collect to summon epic and mythic champions), a new enchantment for creating mythic artifacts in the Forge, and Chests containing new equipment sets. It's important to note that these rewards are reset at the end of the current rotation and can be obtained again in subsequent games.

New equipment packages

Ensemble Supersonique :

  1. RES +20
  2. PV+15%
  3. VIT +10%
  4. Turn counter+2% per buff placed by enemy
  5. VIT+10%
  6. Reduces the effects of the 30% Tower reduction
  7. RES +20
  8. VIT +12%
  9. Increases Turn Counter effects by 30%
Image of the Supersonic Ensemble in RSL
Screenshot of the Supersonic Ensemble in RSL. Source: Yann (

Ensemble Impitoyable :

  1. ATQ+10%
  2. DEG C. +15%
  3. VIT+5%
  4. 30% chance to reduce the cooldown of a random skill
  5. ATQ+15%
  6. Ignore the DEF of 35%
  7. VIT+5%
  8. DEG C. +15%
  9. 15% chance to get an extra turn inflicting damage
Image of the Ensemble Impitoyable in RSL
Screenshot of the Merciless Ensemble in RSL. Source: Yann (

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