What are the weaknesses of steel-type Pokémon?


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  • Steel-type Pokémon are particularly vulnerable to Combat, Fire and Ground-type attacks, which exploit their weak points.
  • Steel-type Pokémon have a strong defense and are very effective against Fairy, Ice and Rock types, but their attacks are less effective against Fire, Electrik and Steel types.
  • In the Pokémon Go and Pokémon Scarlet and Violet games, the weaknesses of Steel-type Pokémon vary slightly, but remain mainly focused on the Fighting, Fire and Ground types.

Do you want to beat Steel-type Pokémon? If so, you're probably wondering what their weaknesses are. In fact, exploiting its main weaknesses is one of the most effective ways of fighting Pokémon.

In this new article, we take a look at the Pokémon from youype SteelWe'll take a look at the Steel-type Pokémon, focusing on its weak points and everything you need to know about this type of Pokémon. At the same time, we'll take a look at the abilities and characteristics of Steel-type Pokémon.

It's time for a new discovery!

First of all, it's important to specify that the Steel type is part of the physical classification belonging to the metal group in card games. So, are you ready to discover its main weaknesses and put them to K0 next time?

What are the weaknesses of Steel-type Pokémon?

Steel-type Pokémon are Pokémon with a metal exoskeleton. Steel-type Pokémon feed in the same way as other Pokémon, but with the difference that they combine sand, gravel, metal objects, etc. with their diet to form their protective carapace, which varies in thickness depending on the species. What are the weaknesses of these Steel-type Pokémon?

The Combat type

Pokémon from Combat types are super-efficient against Combat-type attacks, which are specifically designed to shatter hard objects (stones, etc.).

Image showing combat type beating steel type
Image showing combat type beating steel type. Source : Alucare.fr

Fire type

Since metal can heat up, fire-type attacks cause considerable damage to steel-type Pokémon.

Image illustrating how fire beats steel
Image showing fire beating steel. Source : Alucare.fr

The Sol type

Attacks by Sol types attacks affect rock-type Pokémon, as the sand and mud used in these attacks erode their shells.

Illustration of how floor type beats steel type
Illustration of the fact that floor type beats steel type. Source : Alucare.fr

Steel-type Pokémon are less and less effective against :

What are the weaknesses of Steel-type Pokémon in Pokémon Go?

In Pokémon Go, Steel-type Pokémon are weak against :

  • Steel type,
  • Water type,
  • The Electrik type,
  • And the Fire type.

Steel-type Pokémon, on the other hand, are strong against :

  • The Fairy type,
  • The Ice type,
  • The Roche type

What are the weaknesses of Steel-type Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?

In these two video games, if you want to battle Steel-type Pokémon, be aware that they are weak against :

  • Combat type,
  • Fire type,
  • Type Sol.

However, if you're wondering what their strengths are, you should know that Steel-type Pokémon are strong against :

  • The Fairy type,
  • Ice type,
  • The Roche type.

List of Steel-type Pokémon names

Here's a list of non-dual-type Steel Pokémon worth knowing:

  • Miaouss de Galar
  • Tic
  • Meltan
  • Pachyradjah
  • Mega-Galeking
  • Click
  • Melmetal
  • Registeel
  • Cliticlic
  • Berserkatt
  • Ferdeter
  • Arceus
  • Silvallié
  • Charibari

Strengths and characteristics of Steel-type Pokémon

Illustration for our article "What are the weaknesses of steel-type Pokémon?
Illustration of Steel-type Pokémon for our article on their weaknesses. Source : Alucare.fr

What are the special features of Steel-type Pokémon?

The latter includes all Pokémon made of metalHe's one of the best defensive types around. To give you a flavour of this guy, he's very powerful on defense.

On the one hand, Steel-type Pokémon are slowthe reason why it is better placed in defence than in attack. It's important to point out that the Steel type has only a few weaknesses: it is more or less ineffective against the Fire type, the Fighting type and the Ground type. Its attacks are less dangerous for Pokémon of the Electrik type and of the type Water. While the Steel type is very effective against the Fairy type.

How resistant are Steel-type Pokémon?

In all, the Steel-type Pokémon has 32 physical attacks. Its attacks are primarily composed of a Pistol-Fist used to hit and kick the opposing party, the Juggernaut Hammer, Metalaser, the Destructive Wish but also Change-Speed to make its various movements more fluid depending on the type of attack. adversary he has to face.

His attacks are hyper-efficient against :

Steel-type Pokémon's hard shell protects them against attacks from :

The Steel type is also immune to :

Summary table of Pokémon weaknesses by type

To help you, here is a table illustrating the strengths and weaknesses of Pokémon by type, including the Steel type:

Image illustrating the strengths and weaknesses of Pokémon according to type
Table showing the strengths and weaknesses of Pokémon by type, including the Steel type.

Here's a guide to help you understand each strength and weakness listed in the chart:

  • The green 2 means effective attack
  • 1/2 red means attack not effective
  • And 0 black means totally ineffective

And don't forget to discover the various weaknesses of the following Pokémon:

In conclusion, these are the weaknesses of Steel-type Pokémon you need to discover if you want to fight them easily next time! In fact, knowing a pokémon's main strengths and weaknesses will help you prepare for the next battle!

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