What are the weaknesses of Ice-type Pokémon?

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Pokémon Ice types are those accustomed to living in icy environments with extremely low temperatures. In fact, they have a special way of attacking, freezing their opponent by sending up a gigantic snowstorm. This is what allows the Ice type to increase its defense to over 50 %!

But, What are the weaknesses of Ice-type Pokémon? ? In the following article, we'll be revealing both its weaknesses and its strengths, to give you a head start against this type of Pokémon!

So, if you're not really familiar with the subject, we're going to talk a bit about Pokémon. Let's get started!

Illustration of ice-type Pokémon. Image taken from the Internet

Pokémon has become one of the most popular video games among teenagers, with sales of 250 million units in 2010. number of Pokémon Go downloads You'll see that the game is really appreciated!

What are the weaknesses of Ice-type Pokémon attacks?

Want to find out more about the disadvantages of ice-type Pokémon attacks? Here they are:

Ice attacks are not effective against :

What are the weaknesses of Ice-type Pokémon when defending?

Ice-type Pokémon defenses are vulnerable to :

Table summarizing the strengths and weaknesses of the Ice type :

Image illustrating the strengths and weaknesses of Pokémon according to type
Table showing the strengths and weaknesses of Pokémon by type, including the Ice type.

Here's a guide on how to read the table: 

  • The fractions of damage that can be inflicted by plant-type attacks are indicated by ½ (in red), which means 50 % of damage.
  • 2 (green) means a super-efficient attack at 200 %.
  • 0 (black) means ineffective attack.

About Ice-type Pokémon

In all, there are approximately 60 creatures of Pokémon with Ice-type power, 6 of which are the most frequently used in the game: Mammochon, Kyurem, Feunard d'Alola, Dimoret, Momartik and Crustabri.

Ice-type Pokémon strengths:

Ice attacks are super effective against :

As mentioned earlier, Ice-type Pokémon can freeze their opponentby sending them a snowstorm! They can also create avalanches guaranteeing enormous damage from massive attacks. As his opponent is blocked on its position, they will be advantage of attacking the victim who is no longer able to defend himself, as he will eventually become a statue of ice.

But, as we have also pointed out, they are experiencing weaknesses against the Fire type. The Ice type is made up of Pokémon that are mostly balanced, with 4 weaknesses on the defensive side of a game. On the offensive, it can rely on its 4 attack types. As for the resistance Pokémon of the Ice type, they are resistant to Ice type himself.

Our article is coming to an end, but if you'd like to discover other Pokémon :

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