What are the weaknesses of Dragon-type Pokémon?

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Many Pokémon players find it hard to choose a character. As a reminder, there are eighteen types of Pokémon, each with a leader who is remarkably strong in attack or defense. On the other hand, certain moves don't have much impact on certain types of Pokémon. That's when you need another method, teaming up with another type to form a duo that will be a match for any type of opponent. In the previous section, we talked about Psy typeincluding its weaknesses.

In this article, we will focus on the Dragon type. First, let's discover its weaknesses, its characteristics and then its capabilities.

Illustration of dragon-type pokémon

Some weaknesses of Dragon-type Pokémon

Dragon attacks are not not very efficient against :

Dragon-type attacks have no effect on :

Types that are super efficient against dragon pokémon are :

To help you, here is an illustrative table of all the Pokémon's weaknesses and strengths according to its type, including the Dragon type:

Image illustrating the strengths and weaknesses of Pokémon according to type
Table showing Pokémon strengths and weaknesses by type, including Dragon type

How to read the picture?

  • The green 2 means effective attack
  • 1/2 red means attack not effective
  • Black 0 means totally ineffective

What are the characteristics of Dragon-type Pokémon?

The Dragon has been part of the main series since the beginning of the first generation.

  • Dragon types are part of the colorless in the card game.
  • The Insect/Dragon pairing does not have a representative among the combinations containing the Dragon.
  • In general, Dragon-type Pokémon have a average potential over 100This statistic allows them to be the first choice of certain players.
  • To this end, most of the Dragon representatives are part of Over Used or Uber. Without going into too much detail, several Mega-Pokémon and legendary Pokémon are grouped together in the Dragon type, which is why this type is of such interest to Pokémon players.
  • Only the Steel type was its great rival, until the Fairy type came along. Despite their initial stats, which are rather interesting, the Dragon type should more control over technicalities of other types to better neutralize them.
  • To date, we have 77 Dragon-type Pokémon. Dragon-type Pokémon are mainly renowned for their sturdiness. If you ask us, Dracolosse and Minidraco have the potential to lead the Dragon-type Pokémon, so we suggest they do.

What are the strengths of Dragon-type Pokémon?

Dragon-type Pokémon are strong against certain types of Pokémon, including :

In addition, from the sixth generation onwards, Dragon-type Pokémon are immunized against the Fairy type.

In short, these are the dragon-type Pokémon limits you need to know about to add some juice to your games next time! Which Pokémon do you most like to add to your battles, and why? Share your preferences in the comments!

But in the meantime, find out more about the different types of Pokémon and their weaknesses :


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