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The 🔞 emoji belongs to the "Symbols" emoji category and to the "Warning" subcategory. This emoji is mainly used to warn the interlocutor of the erotic aspect of a discussion, a film or a TV program, among others, i.e. content intended for an informed public. It can, however, be used to prohibit minors from frequenting certain places, consuming certain products, or even voting.

Discover the true meanings of this emoji 🔞 18 years and older through our article!

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What do emoji mean?

Most countries in the world set the legal age of majority at 18. This is what the 🔞 emoji refers to. prohibit people from who have not yet reached the age of 18 to a number of things. This is what we describe below:

→ Ban on frequenting unsuitable places

You can find the 🔞 emoji in almost all gambling halls, bars, clubs and nightclubs, because normally these places are prohibited for minors. Even if some let in people who have reached the age of 16, the latter will not be allowed to drink alcoholic beverages.

→ Clear and precise warning in sexts

When you're texting and want to move into a naughty mode of communication, you can send the 🔞 emoji with the aim of "sexting".inform your contact that what you're about to send next is reserved for an informed adult audience. It's a rather provocative symbol, like the emoji that evokes male sexual attributes such as eggplant emoji 🍆or feminine sexual attributes such as the peach emoji.

→ Prohibition of viewing content not recommended for minors

We're talking here about a ban on viewing content that may shock minors. This 🔞 emoji is used with both X-rated content (pornographic films) and non-X-rated content. In fact, some horror films likely to offend the senses of minors are, for example, not X-rated, but are forbidden to under-18s. The same applies to brutal TV programs and some publications on social networks.

→ Ban on the consumption of certain products

Buying and drinking alcohol is forbidden to minors in almost every country in the world. Some even raise the age of majority to 21. This is also the case for tobacco, such as cigarettes, but here we're talking more aboutprohibition on sale. It's parents, for example, who use this 🔞 emoji to forbid their child not to drink via a text message, with this combination of emojis: 🍷🍺🍸🍾🔞.

→ Ban on voting

In general, you're not allowed to vote if you haven't yet reached a certain age. The emoji is used to tell a person that they are not yet of legal age to exercise their civic duty with this combination: 🗳️🔞.

What does this emoji look like?

This emoji is made up of 2 characteristics:

  • The red circle crossed out with a diagonal at 45 degrees starting from the upper left corner and joining the lower right corner;
  • The number 18 in white color on a black background, inside the circle in red and crossed out diagonally.

This is the most common form, but the number 18 can also appear. in black on whiteor in white on blue background on other platforms.

The under-18 emoji 🔞 is also known as :

  • Adult emoji,
  • Emoji 18 and over,
  • Emoji 18 and over,
  • Minor emoji,
  • Emoji forbidden to minors,
  • Emoji content for adults,
  • Or emoji under the legal age.

Now that you know a little more about 18+ emojis, why not join us in deciphering some of our other multi-meaning emojis, such as the expressionless face emoji😑 or the face emoji with a clever smile😏 ?

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