What is the price of qmetry?

Qmetry is a platform designed for enterprise-wide level test management, integrating AI for agile teams. It is a quality management software dedicated specifically to enterprises and professionals.

Would you like to buy this software and are wondering how much it costs? Find out in this article what is the price of qmetry. At the same time, let's find out, Qmetry: What is it? What are the advantages ?

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What is the price of qmetry?

The Qmetry price is standard, it is not available on request only. Featuring several tariffs including :

  • Version offree trial0, but is limited in time and functionality.
  • The version Standart (available on request)
  • The version Pro (available on request)
  • The version Company (available on request)
  • The version Premium (available on request)

However, the price may vary depending on the various options offered by the SaaS software publisher. These options include the number of licenses, additional functionalities and add-ons tailored to the needs of the company in question.

However, to familiarize yourself with the tool, take advantage of thefree trial offered by software publishers for a limited time. On average, this time is limited to between 15 and 30 days. Most of the time, the software publisher offers promo codes as well as price reductions depending on the number of licenses purchased. If you opt for annual subscriptions, you'll save money compared to monthly subscriptions, with discounts that are generally between 10 % and 30 %.

Qmetry: What is it?

QMetry is a solution for most comprehensive test managementwhich is designed to provide agile test teams with innovative technology platforms. The platform combines test automation and test management, offering intelligent qualitative indicators to accelerate the production of high-quality professional software.

It is specially designed for agile and DevOps teams who want to develop, manage and deploy quality software quickly and securely. It's the complete answer to agile testing. Its features include :

  • Online support ;
  • On-line technical support.

With over 20 integrations, the QMetry brand has been adopted by more than 400 customers worldwide. It covers sectors such as finance, healthcare, travel and hospitality, retail, education and high-tech.

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Why choose QMetry's services?

The use of this software offers many advantages such as :

  • the followed the number of tests planned ;
  • The programming tests for manual or automatic execution.
  • the schedule follow-up and budget dedicated to testing.
  • Promoting collaboration and the communication between several project teams.
  • Administration commercial activities.

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