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For many people, the love of a manga is born either from the writing of the story as a whole, or from the quality of the animation thanks to the special effects; or even from other aspects such as the physique of a targeted character, his clothes, his charms, etc. Once you're hooked, you can't wait for the next episode of your series, without knowing which category you're watching. Once you're hooked, all you can do is wait for the next episode in your series to come out, without knowing what kind of manga you're watching.

Knowing this archetype will also help you identify yourself. Thanks to this cognition, you'll know what kind of manga to look for as soon as your current series ends. This article is specially designed for fans of shojo manga. We introduce you to two manga shojo scan sites - let's get started! Discover also the real technique for read manga for a unique reading experience.

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Where can you find shojo manga scans?

Whatever the category of your manga, whatever its nationality, every manga fan can't stand waiting for the paper version of their favorite manga to come out, because that takes a lot of time. The quickest shortcut is to surf the Internet as soon as the release date is announced by the producer. Scanned PDFs can be paid for and others not, but be careful, it's important to know whether the site you're downloading the PDF from is officially authorized by the producer. Here are two examples free online manga scan sites will let you read your favorite mangas:

Scan Manga

On this site, you'll find all categories of manga. Created in 2003, this portal focuses on Manga and the Japanese universe. Its interface is both user-friendly and easy to use. Access to the site is totally free and is regularly updated. Like all sites that publish in French, it is behind schedule when it comes to English translation.


Bentomanga can also be an excellent choice if you want to enjoy the best shojo manga scans. Listed among the best French sites offering free manga scans, it offers visitors almost every genre of this literary discipline. Better still, its interface is fluid and easy to handle. You'll certainly have no trouble finding your favorite tracks.

Bentomanga also offers scans of many other types of comics, including manhwa (Korean comics) and manhua (Chinese comics). The platform announces new additions on social networks, including X (formerly Twitter), Facebook and Discord.

What is a shojo manga?

First of all, there are six types of manga: :

  • Shojo ;
  • Shonen ;
  • Seinen ;
  • Yaoi ;
  • Yuri
  • And Josie.

Each of these categories has its own target and definition in terms of authenticity. Shojo manga specifically targets female audiences. What does your daughter like: flowers, romance, pets and middle-school stories. From a global viewpoint, its characteristics aim to bring the girls' emotions into playto awaken their love and sense of bravery. Discover our dedicated article on type of manga shojo to give you a clearer idea of this successful category of manga.

What's your favorite shojo manga? Have you ever tried using one of these sites? Tell us about your experiences in the comments - we look forward to hearing from you.

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