What is shojo manga type?


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Whether you're fascinated by reading or by cartoons, girls or boys, it goes without saying that manga is part of your entertainment. You love your manga so much, perhaps, that knowing its category seems trivial. For those of you who have been wondering, we're going to talk about manga Shōjo first. It's aimed more at teenage girls, or even young women.

Let's discover together "the great shōjo classics", what is the true definition shōjo manga? What is a shōnen? Who has the most consumers among these 2 types of manga? How do you qualify manga as shōjo or shōnen?

Image represents the type of shojo manga

What is shoujo manga?

A manga for a female audience

It is indeed a manga editorial category. A category designed to target a specific female audience. In Japan, the word Shōjo means "granddaughter" or "young girl", which is why in Western countries, they use this term to designate manga that have been written especially for young teenage girls.

The themes addressed in the shōjos vary widely:

  • Romances ;
  • Love triangles ;
  • A slice of life ;
  • Fantasy (magic, sorcery, etc.).

Manga shōjos also feature stories based on real events or European fairy tales, such as Lady Oscar, the animated version of Princess Sarah, or Candy, exploring themes such as androgyny, the status of women, or life in an orphanage. Themes evolve with the new generations to highlight current contexts, such as delinquency, dropping out of school, harassment and abuse in familiar settings like schools or social networks. To help you better appreciate each story, discover the real technique to read manga.

Top 3 shōjo classics

The shōjo manga was designed exclusively for female audiences, so it's a manga series generally about a brave, beautiful and intelligent young girl. Among the most famous shōjosThese include Fruits Basket (2019), Kimi ni Todoke, Nana, "Maid Sama", "Shirayuki aux cheveux rouges" and "Switch Girl". By the way, find out in our other guide where to find manga shojo scans.

The shōjo series has always been drawn and written by authors of Chinese origin. So if you like manga, whether you're a woman, an adult or a young teenager, it's highly advisable to opt for Shōjo manga. Especially since, if you love reading, you have the chance to get exclusive online Shōjos manga revealing several stories of love and friendship.

Let's talk about shōnen manga?

It's an edition of manga aimed primarily at adolescent males. Shōnen is currently one of the world's most popular manga series, thanks to the release of "one piece" in 1997. Although this manga is aimed primarily at young boysBut that doesn't stop young girls from enjoying it as much as young boys.

How is the qualification of the Mangas going?

Some magazines, such as Margaret magazine, pre-publish to target their audience. Note that each magazine has its own publication rhythm. So, to determine whether a manga will be categorized as Shōnen or Shōjo, simply find out which magazine was responsible for the publication.

Today, manga has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment for teenagers all over the world. Favored by the release of the famous "One piece" in 1997, we can conclude that between shōjo and shōnen manga, it's shōnen manga that has taken the upper hand. Indeed, it's a huge hit with the general public. What is the story that has made the biggest impression on you in the shōjo manga category?

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