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Patch note 1.14 raid shadow legends, all changes.

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Translation of the patch note:

Greetings, Raiders!

Now it's time to reveal another update highlight and take a look at what we've got in store for you in Update 1.14.

This update is all about quality of life for all our players, and several frequently requested improvements will go live with 1.14. Check out the list below to find out more and, as always, leave your comments and suggestions below!

Improved gameplay for 1.14.

Artifact filter

We're adding a new filter system to the inventory to help you find the specific artifacts you need more quickly.

artifact on patch note 1.14As you can see, artifacts can be sorted by type or by statistics - whether primary statistics or sub-statistics - or even a combination of filters. This will be particularly useful for veteran players, who have hundreds and hundreds of various artifacts lying around in storage.

Increased storage capacity for champions.

Good news, everyone! The innkeeper has been buried under the number of letters to expand due to the influx of new champions for some time now. he's finally working on building a brand new wing of the tavern. We expect it to be completed by the time of Update 1.14, and to double the number of champions who can stay outside the Champions Chamber! In other words, 200 champions once all slots have been unlocked.

Damage display on clan boss + lap counter.

boss clan damage patch note 1.14 RSLTo make sure you have an easier way of tracking the damage your teams are inflicting on the clan lord and planning your next move, we're adding a marker to the clan lord battle. It will display the number of turns the demon lord has taken and the damage your team has inflicted.

Balancing :

On champions:

Champion Scarcity Spell/Stats Change
Lord Champfort




Annihilation Attacks 1 enemy. Has a 45% chance to place a debuff of 60% [Decrease DEF] for 2 turns. This champion's HP damage scales.
Earthshaker Damage scales for this champion's HP
Spherpine The value of [Shieldhas doubled. Place a VIT reduction 15% on enemies attacking this champion.
Ma'Shalled Legendary Parasite Attacks 1 enemy. Attacks all enemies under the [Leech] debuff. Heals this champion by 30% of damage inflicted.
Tornado Places a 30% buff [IncreaseSpeed ationPlaces a 30% [Increase C. DMG] buff on this Champion and all its allies for 2 turns. Places a weakening [Absolute Fear] and [Leech] on all enemies for 2 turns. Grants this Champion an extra turn.
Open wounds Has an 80% chance to steal all buffs from a targeted enemy, then attacks the target. Places a 100% [Reduced Healing] debuff on this champion for 2 turns. Places two buffs of 15% [Continuous Healing] on this champion for 3 turns. Inflicts 50% additional damage to targets under the buffs.
Warchief Legendary Brute Force [Provocation] chance increased to 25% (from 15%)
Marauder The recharge time has been reduced to 4 turns.


Ascended: steals 2 buffs with 100% chance, against 75%.

Motionless DEF increases to 15% for each dead ally, up from 10%
Mortu-Macaab Legendary Fallen from grace  Each hit has a 90% chance to place a [Block Buffs] debuff for 2 turns. If the target is under a [Healing Reduction] debuff, [Block Buffs] cannot resist.


Richtoff the Bold Legendary Loss Reduces each target's MAX HP by 30% of damage inflicted, compared with 10%.
Bleeding Attack 1 enemy 3 times. Each hit places a 5% [Poison] debuff on all enemies for 2 turns.
Étreintemaudite Attacks 1 enemy. Inflicts 20% of additional critical damage for each weakening [Poison] on the target enemy (up to + 100% C. DMG)
Duchess Lilitu Legendary Paths Ethereal Don't decrease anymore damage AoE attacks for allies with a [Veil] buff. Reason: the buff now has a natural reduction in AoE damage.
Vergis Epic Égide In addition to the original effects, 50% [Protection against allies] are now granted to all allies except this champion and 60% [Increase DEF] on this champion.
Second Wind In addition to the original effect, now place a [Shield] buff on this champion equal to 10% of the champion's MAX HP for 2 turns when this champion loses 10% of HP.
Oathbound Epic Subjugate Attack all enemies. Has a 55% chance to decrease the counter of Towers of 20%. Has a 75% chance to place a 25% [ATQ Decrease] for 2 turns.

Ascended: has a 75% chance to place a [Decrease ATQ] of 50% for 2 turns.


Damage has increased considerably.

Intimidate Randomly attack 4 times. Each attack has a 30% chance of placing a debuff [Block Cooldown Skills] for 2 turns. Damage inflicted is proportional to DEF. If the target is under a debuff [Decrease ATQ], the chance of placing [Block recovery skills] increases to 100%.
Base LIVES Increase to 95 from 88 so +7 speed
Occult Brawler Epic Ritual of Ruin This skill no longer has a recharge time.

faction war

The improvements to Faction Warfare are twofold, and will affect the difficulty of certain crypt stages and the drop rates of various glyphs.

Even with the recent changes, we're still closely monitoring your feedback and comparing it with the game metrics available to the development team. With this in mind, we've decided to make all faction crypts a little easier to complete from stage 8 onwards.

In addition, we will reduce the drop rates of rank 2 glyphs in steps 10-12 and remove them completely in steps 13-14. Rank 3 and 4 glyphs will increase drop rates.

Platinum level (minor)

Starting with update 1.14, we're introducing a small change to the way Platinum-level battles work. After fighting the same opponent 10 times a day (24 hours) - wins and losses count - each subsequent battle with that opponent will trigger a 15-minute cooldown that won't disappear after the arena list update.

This means you won't be able to fight the same opponent before the end of the cooldown, although you can fight others on your list. We've included this change to somewhat limit the "farming" of opponents lower in arena points.

Clan leader (change to reanimation)

This is really a continuation of the changes we introduced in 1.13. From turn 50 onwards, the Clan Boss will apply a Block Reanimation debuff to all champions he kills. This is done to level the playing field between different teams and ensure that there isn't a single "must-have" team composition required for this challenge.

Leech and Veil \ Perfect Veil

Each of these effects gets a little better in Update 1.14!

Leech will heal the attacker for 18%, down from 10% currently.

Champions under veil and perfect veil will benefit from a 7.5% and 15% (respectively) reduction in damage from all incoming AoE attacks.

These changes will have a profound impact on other aspects of the game. For example, champions like Ma'Shalled (who have also been upgraded on top of everything else, as you can see!) will become even more valuable and powerful thanks to the almost doubled healing of [Leech]. Meanwhile, Duchess Lilitu has undergone a few tweaks to prevent her passive AoE damage reduction from getting out of hand, but thanks to changes to [Veil] and [Perfect Veil], she'll still be a viable champion.

Fear changes

We've taken some time to monitor Fear weakenings in the game and will be applying certain limitations in update 1.14. Like other crowd control weakenings, it will no longer be subject to the effects Increase duration of weakening or Diffuse weakening. This also applies to masteries: Spell Master and Sniper, which will no longer increase the chance of applying an extra turn on Fear or Absolute Fear debuffs.

The following masteries now affect or include Fear or Absolute Fear:

  • Opportunistic
  • Powerful Stamina
  • wisdom of battle
  • Harvest despair
  • Deterrence
  • A frightening presence
  • Merciful help


The Merge menu will display champions that are required for a specific merge but are locked in the Champions Vault, making it easier to see if you have the required components.

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