How much does a rugby ball weigh?


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Like so many other sports, rugby requires endurance and technical skill. To score goals, you need a flexible body, for feints, and great top speed to easily escape opposing defenses. Speaking of speed, you can't just run around without the ball, you have to drop it several times behind the opposing team's paddles to win your match.

Ever wondered about the size and weight of your ball? There are 5 different sizes to choose from, depending on the age of the players. Without further ado, let's take a closer look.

(Image of a rugby ball)

Before we begin, let's emphasize that the IRB has indeed required the ovoid shape of a rugby ball and, above all, the number of panels (4 panels). On the other hand, the cover can be made of leather or something similar.

How much does a Rubgy ball weigh?

Size 1

The size 1 ball has been designed for the very young. It features a

  • Circumference of 26 to 27 centimetres and weighs 120 grams.

Size 2

Sizes 1 and 2 are designed for toddlers, but parents can choose between the two depending on the child's sturdiness.

  • This bullet weighs 210 grams with 46 to 48 centimetres circumference.

Size 3

Compatible with a child aged 5 to 9 years old, if your child is a rugby lover, the size and weight of this ball are perfectly adapted to this scale.

  • The size 3 ball is very light, 320 gramsa circumference of 65 to 68 centimetres or 50 to 55 centimetres.

Some of these balls are made of foam or plastic, to make it easier for children to learn passing and technical skills.

Size 4

For boys aged 10-14 or women, size 4 is perfect for them. It is also acceptable for training, for kickers it is always preferable to use size 5 to familiarize themselves with the size in order to always maintain shooting accuracy.

  • Size 4 weighs 370 grams and has a contour of 55 to 56 centimetres.

Size 5

The latter is the size used by professionals. Here are those details:

  • Circumference : 740 to 770 millimetres.
  • Diameter: 18.46 or 19.74 centimeters.
  • Length: 28 to 30 centimeters.
  • Central axis: 280 to 300 millimetres.
  • Weight : 410 grams to 460 grams.
(Image of rugby players)

Good to know about rugby:

A rugby pitch has a rectangular shape like soccer.

  • A rugby pitch is 94 to 144 meters maximum, with a width of 68 to 70 metres.
  • In the form of a letter "H", the height of the rugby goal is 3 meters in minimum.
  • The distance between the two posts is 5.60 metres.

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