How much does a soccer ball weigh?


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Soccer is one of the world's oldest team sports, having first appeared in China in the 3rd century BC. It first appeared in England in the 19th century. It then spread all over the world. As football became a global sport, the first World Cup was organized in 1930. The first world soccer tournament was held in 1930, with the South American country "Uruguay" taking the trophy.

As you well know, everyone can do it, whether you're small, big, girl or boy. That's precisely why there are several sizes and circumferences available for every age and gender.

In the following section, we'll talk about the different types of soccer ball sizes that exist. As a bonus, we'll also reveal which brand is the best.

(Image showing footballs.)

The different sizes and circumferences of the ball

Size 1

Size 1 balls are also known as mini balls. They have a diameter of around 15 cm and a circumference of between 45 to 50 cm. Its weight is 200 g.

Size 2

With a circumference between 52 to 56 cmsize 2 balloon weight is between 210 to 270 g. Its diameter is approximately 17 cm.

Size 3

It is one of the smallest soccer balls, with a circumference of between 57 to 60 cm and the corresponding weight must be 270 to 320 g. This size 3 is dedicated to the little ones who will initiate them to soccer.

Size 4

With a circumference between 62 to 66 cmthe weight required is between 300 to 390 g. This is the average size dedicated specifically to students (between 8 and 12) who will be practicing this sport at school.

Size 4 Futsal

A size 4 Futsal ball has a circumference of between 62 to 64 cm. The weight of this balloon is between 400 and 400 gThis is slightly larger than the Size 4 ball to limit bounce.

Size 5

This size is specially designed for matches and official meetings, and its circumference must be between 68 to 71 cm and must weigh in 410 and 450 g. This is the standard imposed by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association.

The best soccer ball brands in the world

These days, there are many brands making soccer balls, but in terms of world ranking, Adidas remains one of the undisputed market leaders. In fact, since 1970, Adidas has been the sole official supplier of footballs for FIFA World Cup matches. But there are also other soccer ball brands to consider in the 2024 market, such as Nike, Select and others.

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