Do your discord ad in MP?


today we find ourselves for another subject on Discord, the purchase of advertising made by bots on discord servers.

Pay attention to the suggestions.

Be careful who you trust for ads, just after we will know how to choose the best seller. Some will only be there to scam you. (This page is made to avoid being scammed) I do not want to push you to buy, I gain nothing but once again this article is used to avoid scams.

Who to choose ?

Already pay attention to the person, does he really have the rights on so many servers to advertise?
Be careful to respect the rules of Discord and pay attention to the updates of the charter of use, it is not yet prohibited by Discord the sale of advertising.

Changing the page.

Since the rules of Discord have changed, it is totally forbidden to make bots that spam ads in Mp

The discord pub bot are now banned and the people doing it are just the devs themselves. The rest want to scam you (by taking your discord IDs so be careful!)



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