Mirror time 11:11: Discover the secret meaning!

The 11h11 mirror hour indicates determination, love, serenity and change, through its guardian angel Lehahiah. If you meet this hour, it means you have all the cards to take your destiny into your own hands. You'll see your success soar, whether in love or in the professional world. Indeed, this hour trains your mind to be more serene by trusting your guardian angel.

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Some people believe that there are numbers that mark your lifeand were not placed by chance. Each number has its own significance, in particular mirror hours, which are observed on a recurring basis. The mirror hour or twin hour is doubled when the hour and minute digits are the same, for example : 10h10 or 12h12.

Understanding the mirror hour phenomenon

The mirror hours evoke a divine communication, a message sent by the Universe to its recipient.

What is a mirror hour?

In astrology, this phenomenon is metaphysics and mysticism. In Hindu belief, synchronicities such as the mirror hour are a reflection of the individual's inner self. The Universe, for its part, is presented as an infinite representation of each individual's consciousness. It's also worth noting thathave identical figures in hours and minutes a a special significance. Some people mention the fact that mirror hours are signs sent by theUniverse, them spiritual guides and by guardian angels. These messages contain knowledge, of the ideas, of the tips or some useful information to guarantee professional and spiritual fulfillment.

Why is 11h11 unique?

This calculation gives a kind of value and of significant landmark for those who believe in it. Whenever you're faced with this value quantification, you'll make a wishor you think about things, of the events you want.

  • There are other beliefs that insist on the fact that time is linked to our spiritual guides or to our guardian angels. The latter use it as a a way to challenge us and our attention so they can tell us something important. The same goes for numerology.
  • This mirror hour also means awareness and perception which provides a channel to our subconscious.
  • This number is directly related to : our desires, our thoughtsour emotions, etc.
  • Some people deliberately set the 11:11 a.m. mirror time as being a kind of temporary disconnection of the matrix.
  • There is also a theory that when you see the 11h11, and you stop thinking about it, YOU take the time to fully recognize and of savor the moment and everything else that's important.

However, you can't really know or absolutely theimpact of the 11h11whether it's good or not.

The different interpretations of 11h11

On the other hand, the 11h11 mirror hour has a spiritual and numerological significance that affects your perception:

Spiritual significance

Spiritually, this hour is related to beauty and charisma. It is also linked to the shift in power. The mirror hour means that you are very close and is spiritually linked to a person you often think about.

Numerological significance

The 11:11 mirror hour is the most symbolic of all.

  • It is a sign of strong connection with the universea nod to focus only on the positive.
  • The message is: you are in the right place, At good time.
  • The number 1 represents the fresh start, the in the beginning, energy, and the creative force.
  • This hour boost your self-confidence andhope.

Tarological correspondences

The tarot card representing the 11:11 mirror hour is thearcane of the Force.

  • We're not talking about physical strength here, but the strength to wait for the table.
  • This eleventh major arcana evokes inner strength, the quiet to achieve its goals and self-control.
  • The guardian angel Lehahiah is in charge of the 11:11 a.m. mirror time.
  • His fields of expertise are: the chance, the peace, the inner calmand theauthenticity.
  • The magic ingredients to get you started a new project.

Implications for personal life

As a reminder, the 1 symbolizes beginnings and points of departure. This combination of 4 brings a sense of comfort all potential risks and problems.

  • Thanks to your efforts and perseverance, you will be able to achieve everything you aspire to in the long term.
  • So it's time tostop being afraid, of arm yourself with courage to take the first step towards your dreams.


In short, the 11h11 mirror hour symbolizes the debut, a suit which brings a new feeling: comfort, strength, authenticity, etc. Faced with this mirror hour, it's time to regain your self-confidence and pursue your dream.

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