Mirror time 14h14: Discover the secret meaning!

The mirror hour 14h14 is a sign of prosperity in both love and business. It has a positive meaning that indicates balance and progress in one's personal life. Indeed, when faced with mirror hours, we become aware that an angelic meaning is being transmitted. What's more, the guardian angel Veuliah tries to convey messages to you. All you need to do when faced with this twin hour is to look carefully and settle down.

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The mirror hour, more commonly known as thedouble hour Where twin houris a timetable with symmetrical numbers. In numerology or esoteric practice, the idea is that each mirror has its own meaning. As a result, every number and letter has a certain vibration. Attending mirror hours repeatedly in the same day is a sign of blessing.

Understanding the mirror hour phenomenon

Astrologers have their own definitions of mirror hours. From messages sent by the Universeby its guardian angel to manage your life. Whether you believe it or not, mirror hours are signs, of the posts to wake you up, don't take them at face value.

What is a mirror hour?

A mirror hour is an hour to the symmetrical number, notably : 13h13 Where 15h15 for example. See also in our article: In numerology, the practice of interpreting number symbols, mirror hours have a special meaning. With the mirror hour, the number or the number of hours is the same as the number of minutes.

According to Esteban Frederic, these figures are messages sent by your angels, your spiritual guides and theUniverse to communicate with you. These times shouldn't be left to chance - they're there to get your attention. In fact, they to take a break and to think for a moment. Because these numbers convey important messages.

Why is 2:14 so unique?

2:14 p.m. indicates that you're in perfect relaxation, a digestive siestaa moment whenith you staring into space with a full belly.

  • In numerology, this is a encouragement not to rest on its laurels.
  • It's time to think and learn from its reflections.
  • In a world that is not spiritual, but pragmatic, the repetition of the number 4 echoes the theme of the Earth element, in other words: the concrete world, them responsibilities as well as structures.
  • The Bulls, Virgins and the Capricorns will love this hour.
  • The time a little moralizingindeed, the time of digestion and of the nap is also thetime for reflection.
  • Maybe it's time to think before you act. There is a hidden message behind this time: moving forwardbecause everything will work out.
Illustration of the mirror hour
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The different interpretations of 14h14

If your clock reads 2:14 p.m., your guardian angel is sending you a message: leave behind anything you don't need. Change this life that doesn't suit you.

  • If you like change hate stagnationYou're a person of action. You are a person of action live life to the full.
  • On the other hand, others can have trouble keeping up with you, you are often misunderstood. Don't worry, the time 14h14 is really positive.
  • Even if you find yourself in a difficult situation, things are about to change and you will find happiness.
  • In other words, you will reap the rewards of your efforts. In the professional field, for example, you will make a new project a reality or you will have a promotion.
  • Emotionally, you will meet someone really nice that will change your life.

Spiritual significance

In addition to being a gentle reminder, the double 2:14 p.m. time is also an incentive to getting down to work serious and organized.

  • The 4 means construction. In other words, the methodical implementation, l'careful development and the laying solid foundations.
  • The number 4 stands for solidly built and patiently. There's no room for doubts. This hour commits you to implement without further ado.
  • It also symbolizes strength, courage, perseverance and stability. So there's no need to worry about how long it will take.
  • These are take you seriously. Look at it this way a sign that a transformation or a renaissance is taking place.
  • More than that, it also tells us about the family, of the health and roots.
  • He also evokes the working on yourself. He sends you a message to work on you with the aim of overcoming your fears, your blocks, your limiting beliefs, all those that prevent you from moving forward, building a family, a relationship, and so on.
  • But above all, it calls you to be healthy. To do this, the number 4 calls you to return to your bases, and your roots to find the secrets.

Numerological significance

In numerology, the mirror hour 14h4 is made up of two numbers: 1 and 4. Each number has its own vibration and symbolism.

the 1 symbolizes the action. So this mirror hour tells you tomove forward, of take the initiative, d'act for you. It refers to the adage: help yourself and the sky will help you. This mirror hour hides a first message The sky is inviting you to move forward and be daring. The sky is telling you to get moving.

Tarological correspondences

The number 4 is a symbol of metamorphosis, and the 5 announces a big change. A number for 180° turns.

  • So if you're moving forward, if you're you act by working on yourselfchanges are to be expected in your life.
  • On the tarot, the mirror hour 14h14 is associated with the Temperance card. This card marks "time regained".
  • She is dedicated to serving your interestsbecause it separates the pure from the impure with the aim of keeping only the true desires that promise happiness.
  • This Temperance card promotes contact, the accuracy of exchanges.
  • The value of this hour isevolution or transformation.
  • A form of click to get out of the current situation.
  • In short, the twin hour 2:14 p.m. will tell you pushes you to excellisten to your intuition and free your imagination to trigger improvement. Get out of your comfort zoneis the message from your guardian angel.

Implications for personal life

First of all, the angel Veualiah wants to get in touch with you through this mirror hour 14h14. A celestial guide who can help you on request.

Professionally, the time 14:14 is a sign of deep disagreement between colleagues or your hierarchy within a company, or even with yourself.

  • However, the La Tempérance tarot card invites you to approach things calmly. Because it can also mean that it's time for a change of direction or job. This decision applies to those people who feel out of placeyou are more likely to work more calmly.
  • On a sentimental level, it is advisable to resolve the problem through compromise to find calm arrangements, whatever your romantic situation, whether you're single or in a relationship.
  • The rupture will be inevitable in case you don't temper your attitude. If you're alone, it's highly likely that you were undergoing a real transformation that will make you stronger and more accessible.


In summary, the mirror time 14h14 is synonymous with change and of transformation spiritual, numerological and personal. If you are facing this mirror hour, it means thatit's time to set a course andaccepting change that's about to come into your life. Have you ever encountered the mirror hour 14h14? Tell us about your experience in comments.

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