Monopoly Go: Everything you need to know about dice multipliers

Dice roll multipliers in Monopoly Go allow you to consume more dice when you press the "Go" button. They allow you to increase the rewards you reap. If you're probably new to Monopoly Go, take a look at our complete dossier on Monopoly Go. In this article, we'll give you more information on dice roll multipliers.

Dice roll multipliers

These work like the bets in Monopoly Go. When active, the game will consume more dice rolls each time you press the "Go" button. You'll then earn rewards based on the dice multiplier. To be clearer, for example, when you're playing with a x2 multiplier, if you press the "Go" button, the game will use 2 dice rolls to "Go", and every reward you receive will be multiplied by 2.

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How do I activate the throw multiplier in Monopoly Go?

Here's how to activate the dice-roll multiplier:

  • Click on the small circular knob above and to the right of the Go button.
  • So you can editand increase the multiplier by pressing the button until you reach the maximum amount allowed. To find out, the color of the multiplier will change and indicate "MAX
Illustration to show the throw multiplier in Monopoly go
Screenshot of the throw multiplier button in Monopoly go. Source: Yann

Which rewards are affected by the multiplier?

The multiplier will impact some of the rewards you get when you land on certain squares, including :

  • The awards for Chances cards
  • The bank robberies
  • The monument closure
  • The corner boxes (Go to jail, prison, free park, Go)
  • The missions quick wins
  • The progress bar tournaments and events.
  • The your home rentals on the boxes

Definition of maximum Monopoly Go multiplier

Your multiplier can increase depending on the number of dice rolls you have. If you want to get free dice in Monopoly Go get your free dice here. Here are some possible Monopoly Go multipliers based on your throws:

  • For less than 50 throwsthe maximum multiplier is x3
  • For 50 throwsthe maximum multiplier is x5
  • For 100 throwsthe maximum multiplier is x10
  • For 300 throwsthe maximum multiplier is x20
  • For 1000 throwsthe maximum multiplier is x50
  • For 2000 throwsthe maximum multiplier is x100

It is also possible to have a maximum multiplier. x100 with 4000 throwsThis means that the maximum multiplier for Monopoly Go is x100.

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How to use dice multipliers in Monopoly Go? Practical tips

Please note that using pitch multipliers does not guarantee rewards every time. They are a means of earning more rewards. Here are some practical ways of using them correctly:

  • First of all, you need to use a multiplier Before of cross the Go box to multiply your rewards
  • He do not use throw multipliers in corner box events as in the image below. It is indeed more difficult to land on corner squares.
Event image of corner squares in Monopoly go
Screenshot of an example of a corner box event in Monopoly go. Source: Yann
  • You have to register dice to use throw multipliers in the right Monopoly Go events
  • If your account includes fewer throws, you have to avoid throwing multipliers
  • It is also important to choosing a multiplier with caredepending on the balance of throws and the situation
  • Thus, the best Monopoly multiplier varies according to the situation of game.

Can multipliers still be used?

That depends entirely on your task and objective and thebalancing of your dice rolls. If you have enough dice rolls, you can always use multipliers to obtain more rewards. On the other hand, if you have limited dice rolls, or want to land on a specific square for daily milestones such as tasks, for example, you can avoid using multipliers.

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What's the best multiplier in Monopoly Go?

All depends on the game situation. Indeed, the choice of a multiplier depends on the current situation of the game. This is the best strategy for selecting the best multiplier. As a result, the best multiplier can be different for beginners with fewer throws, and for advanced users with more throws. They may also vary according to the game situation and the rewards obtained.

In short, Monopoly Go dice multipliers will help you in your quest for rewards. This guide has provided you with all the information you need to know about dice multipliers. Please feel free to share this information with others.

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