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Let's talk about the tengu 👺 emoji. First, what does the word "tengu" mean? It actually means "heavenly dog" in Japanese. It's a legendary creature found in mountains and forests. The tengu is said to be proteanbecause it is represented with physical characteristics at the same time aviaries and people. He is known for his scary laughsynonymous withaggression and hostility. As an emoji, does it represent these same characteristics? Let's take a closer look at the different meanings!

Japanese monster emoji image illustration

👺 emoji meanings and usage examples

Among the mask- and costume-themed emojis is the ogre emoji, the ghost emoji, the clown emojiemoji, also known as the tengu emoji. "Japanese monster emoji. In fact, it shares many similarities with the Japanese ogre emoji, not only in its expressive features, but also in its origins - both originate from Japanese folklore. However, it also belongs to the group of evil emojis, including the devilish smile emoji 😈 and the angry evil face emoji 👿.

This emoji is depicted with a red face featuring a moustache, thick, furrowed eyebrows and a long nose, linking it to a deity called Shinto Saruta-Shoki, two eyes with a extremely menacing look. On Facebook, we see the tengu emoji with a carnivorous smile (we can see prominent canines). In Japanese folklore, this emoji is called "Goblin".

  • In general, this emoji is used to signal misfortune, anger, but also to give a warning.
Picture illustration of the different appearances of the Japanese monster emoji
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Here are some examples of sentences in which the tengu emoji can be included:

  1. Some people are really ruthless 👺 👺 👺. I never thought a human could carry out such an atrocity.
  2. But why did this man have to do this to this poor animal 👺 👺?
  3. I saw the news on TV, I was cold in the back 👺.

Smiley origin 👺

This emoji is from a 2007 and 2009 proposal, the details of which are presented below:

Proposal number 1

  • Number : L2/07-257
  • Last name : Working Draft Proposal for Encoding Emoji Symbols (Associated tables in ZIP file)
  • Proposed by : Markus Scherer, Kat Momoi, Mark Davis
  • Year of proposal: 2007
  • Number of emojis belonging to the same proposal: 753
  • Case : No.257, 2007 HTML: EMOJI WD / No.257, 2007 ZIP: EMOJI WD TABLE

Proposal number 2

  • Number : L2/09-026
  • Last name : Emoji Symbols Proposed for New Encoding
  • Proposed by : Kat Momoi, Markus Scherer, Mark Davis, Yasuo Kida, Peter Edberg (Apple Inc.), Darick Tong (Google Inc.)
  • Year of proposal: 2009
  • Number of emojis belonging to the same proposal: 753
  • Case : No.026, 2009 PDF: R EMOJI PROPOSED / No.026, 2009 PDF: EMOJI PROPOSED

Proposal L2/07‑257(2007), L2/09‑026(2009) was approved by the Unicode Consortium and in 2015-06-02 it was released as Emoji version 1.0.

The characteristics of this emoji 👺

Discover in the table below the characteristics of the Japanese monster emoji:

Version 1.0 (2015-06-09)
Usual name japanese monster
Category Smilies and Emotions
Sub-category Face-suit
Apple designation Goblin
code point U+1F47A Copy
Decimal ALT+128122
unicode 6.0 (2010-10-11)
Key words Monster-Japanese
Other names · Jester Emoji;

· Emoji acrobat;

· clown emoji;

Tengu Emoji;

· Prank Emoji.


As well as having had a few more insights into Japanese folklore, including the celestial dog, now you also know how to use the tengu 👺 emoji in your messages whether on Discord, Skype, or other platforms. And what about discovering the different emoji meanings ☠️ ?

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