Mirror time 8:20pm: Discover the secret meaning!

Everyone needs a little glimmer of hope in their lives, don't you think? It's possible, with the mirror hours. The tarot card, the guardian angels and the Universe have a message to reveal to you. It means that something magical is holding this world together. To live a full life, you shouldn't take the interpretation of these mirror hours lightly. Let's find out what these numbers mean in this guide.

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Exploring the Mirror Hours

The mirror hour is a phenomenon in which the number and the number of hours is similar like 01 : 01 or 11h11, etc. Numerologists and astrology experts refer to these numbers as messages sent by your guardian angels and your spiritual guides or a sign sent by the Universe. If you see these hours repeatedly on your phone or watch, you shouldn't leave them to chance. They're there to get your attention, you have to pause and think for a moment because these numbers convey an important spiritual message.

General Significance of the Mirror Hours

Mirror hours work through synchronicity. This term was coined by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Junga phenomenon in which two or more events appear to be connected but have no causal link. There's a meaning behind frequent coincidences like mirror hours, for example.

To find out more, synchronicity can be interpreted as a significant coincidenceFor example, thinking of an old friend and meeting him by chance, listening to a song for the first time and hearing it over and over again, and so on. Mirror-hour synchronicity is a sign sent by the Universe or your Higher Self. Double time help you to change your egocentric thinking towards greater fulfillment.

The purpose of the mirror hour is precise: reaffirm your faith that something greater is about to happen. Prepare to reap what you sow. The more you experience synchronicity, the closer you are to your desire. That's why mirror hours are so important in your life. They keep you informed, YOU advise, YOU provide knowledgeetc. And if you're going through a difficult situation, they'll help you get through it. show the way and the path to follow. So understanding the meaning of mirror hours is very important.

The 8:20 p.m. hour: what makes it special?

Just like mirror time 19h19The 8:20 p.m. mirror hour has its own specificities and meanings, and should not be taken lightly. Be positive and trust your guardian angelit will guide you. Indeed, the mirror time 20:20 is a symbol of pragmatism, of security and concentration. It's important to be able to discern this mirror hour so as to move forward cautiously and methodically. Rushing is not a good idea. However, this mirror hour shows you the way to introspection and develop your intuition. In other words, a spiritual awakening that hasppresents a positive change leading to a better understanding of yourself.

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20h20 in Numerology

In numerology, for example, the mirror hour 20h20 has its own meaning.

This mirror hour is a symbol lucky charm in China. A combination of poetic figure. The shape of the twin hour 20h20 evokes that of a swan. It also represents the and the mother. On the other hand, this double hour brings love and change.

The Symbolism of the Number 20

The number 20 is associated with balance themes, d'harmony, and of partnership. A transition or point of equilibrium between two states or phases of life.

  • The number 20 is a age of transition to adulthood, of new responsibilities will have to be assumed. In numerology, the 20 is a fusion of energies 2 and 0.
  • the 2 represents the duality, the relationship and the partnership.
  • the 0 amplifies these qualities and adds connotations of infinity and of unlimited potential. Combined, these figures represent a potential growth, of maturity andspiritual fulfillment.

Numerological analysis of the number 40 (20+20)

This number tends to forget distractions and the entertainment for his benefit: his studies, his career, the goals he has set himself. The number 40 is quite pragmatic and realistic, he's not very comfortable with emotions, feelings and human relationships.

  • But this number also expresses the notion of timeand duration. This number allows you to know your limitations, them slow in the advancement hardship as well as the tests.
  • If not, the person can also stuck in the past, and find it difficult to move forward in its direction. In other words, not everything will be easy. So you need to be strong, braveand you need to know be adaptable so that destiny can be positive, and bring us happiness and satisfaction.

Communication Angélique at 8:20 p.m.

Esoteric or angelic practice also evokes a precise meaning to the mirror hour 20h20.

Guardian Angel Associate at 8:20 p.m.

The guardian angel associated with the hour 20h20 is Umabel. This last represents freedom, the issuance, l'independence, the joy, them possibilities as well as thefuture. It is active between 8:00 pm and 8:20 pm. Umabel is a a free and independent angel. He encourages you to continue exploring spirituality and deepening your knowledge of the esoteric. Indeed, your guardian angel knows your capacity, and you invites you to develop them further.

Spiritual Messages at 8:20 p.m.

Umabel is your protective angel. He helps you learn of various esoteric disciplines, including: the tarology, dowsing, astrology, cartomancy, kinesiology and reflexology. Umabel infuses you with joie de vivre. helps you develop your social life to help you feel more at ease in society. Your deepest conversations will be supported by this angel, who fosters a precise and profound intellect within you. Indeed, you are a free-thinking person who enjoys interacting with others and Umabel, your guardian angel, encourages you to continue on this path.

Implications of 8:20 p.m. in Le Quotidien

The mirror hour 8:20 p.m. also has a meaning in everyday life:

20:20 Love Significance

In tarology, the mirror hour 20h20 can be have an ambiguous meaning and depends on your current situation. It represents a strengthening ties to lead to a harmonious union, and harmful emotional dependence.

There is, however, a attachment, a powerful bond that unites you to someone. A link that can be constructive or destructiveif you don't want to perish, the Arcane of Judgment invites you to stop punishing yourself and to rediscover your inner freedom.

8:20 p.m. and Professional Life

The meaning of the mirror hour 20h20 is ambiguous in tarology. Its meaning depends on your current situation. Indeed, it can represent a strengthening ties leading to a positive union, or harmful emotional dependence. But there's a strong bond between you and another that has constructive or destructive consequences. If you find yourself in a negative situation, the Arcanum invites you to free yourself from self-punishment and to regain your freedom.

This also applies to the business world. This mirror hour is synonymous with success, of valuationand recognition deservedand a deserved independence. It can also be a revelation that you're trapped in your work, and find it hard to deal with criticism.

8:20 p.m. and Personal Wellness

In the field of love, the mirror hour 8:20 pm favors romantic encounters and thefulfillment in a couple. It also provides a relief from rheumatic pain. It also brings you serenity, peace of mind.

It gets rid of fear and dread. It also strengthens energy protection and physical. If you have problems related to anaemia, it's a good idea to contact your doctor. resolves the situation. IT promotes better emotional balanceIt's the perfect solution for all your needs, smoothing out excesses and outbursts. It helps you regain control if you suffer from hypersensitivity.


To sum up, this mirror hour has its own meaningboth positive as negative. Your guardian angel brings you joie de vivre, balance and attachment through the mirror hour 20h20. How about discovering the secret meaning of the mirror hour 21h21 ?

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