Mirror time 7:19pm: Discover the secret meaning!

Mirror hours have many interpretations. By a stroke of luck, you may stumble upon these twin hours and discover the message delivered by your guardian angel! They can be a source of light for singles, a source of happiness for those who have already tasted life. But the way these twin hours are translated is different. A double hour can have many interpretations, whether for your life in loveyour professional life, etc. Most of these double hours represent a positive spiritual value, especially if you're facing a period of self-questioning. This is because, mirror time 18h18 has another meaning than 19h19! If you're reading this article, you're probably wondering what the double time of 7:19pm means!

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The mirror hours are the moments where the hour and minute digits are identical. Some beliefs also include repeating number sequences, such as 1234 or 1111 in mirror time. In fact, each combination is unique and has its own meaning, whether it's a classic mirror hour or an inverted mirror hour. 

Exploring the mirror hours

Mirror hours are essentially based on belief. They should not be left to chance. According to belief, mirror hours are messages sent directly by our guardian angels

Definition and recognition of mirror hours

Different beliefs consider the mirror hours as being signs or messages sent by the Universe. Spiritual and esoteric beliefs, for example, insist that these repetitive moments serve as a reminder that we are connected to a larger universe. Invisible forces are watching over us. 

The global phenomenon of mirror hours

Each mirror hour is linked to a meaning: 

  • The synchronicitya concept developed by psychologist Carl Gustav Jung. It states that these special moments are significant coincidences that bring a personal or spiritual message. 
  • The Spiritual Guidesa belief that insists on the fact that our spiritual guides try to attract our attention to send us messages or a Guide. 
  • L'Spiritual Awakening which emphasizes awareness or awakening. Most of the time, it tells us that we're on the right track on our journey personnel. 
Illustration of the mirror hour
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Mirror time 19:19: the different meanings

The mirror hour 19h19 has many esoteric, spiritual and personal meanings: 

Angelic analysis of 19h19

The guardian angel associated with the mirror hour 19h19 is YeialelIt appears between 19 and 19h20. This angel symbolizes fighting spirit and healing. So, it's manifesting itself through the 19:19 mirror hour to encourage you: remain confidentYou've got all the skills you need to achieve your full potential. All you need is find your way and go in search of happiness. Mirror time guidance 19h19 helps you stay focused on your aspirations lovers, professionals and spiritual. The aim is to learn to discover themselves to find the right direction. So use your powerful energies wisely. If you have any doubts, remember that you are under divine protection. 

Numerology and 19h19

In numerology, the mirror hour 19h19 equals 38.

  • She emphasizes the relational aspect of your existence, a relationship in love with solid, lasting foundations. So if you're looking for love, this mirror hour invites you to exercise enormous patience.
  • On the other hand, mirror time also tells you that you are someone creative, YOU express your emotions through the drawing, the music, the paint or thewriting. These help you feel balanced. 
  • Furthermore, the number 38 is productivity symbol. It means that you are a very efficient person on a professional level so that you can fast-track your career and your Goals.
  • However, you must learn how to define your priorities to avoid mishaps. 
  • You're also a great diplomat when it comes to managing conflicts. You're a great optimist who's not afraid to put forward your vision of things, showing that every person can overcome any ordeal. This hour can also be synonymous with major changes.
  • The number 38 can be associated with smoothness, there wisdom and theintuition. In other words, a lucky number that brings protection if you refuse to give in to your baser instincts. 

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19h19 in tarot practice

The Tarot blade corresponding to the mirror hour 19h19 is that of the Sun.

  • This card symbolizes success. In fact, it means that you you'll soon be fulfilled in love and you will have total spiritual fulfillment. In other words, you're on your way to theachievement and the happiness.

As for the Sun symbolizes happinessespecially if you're looking for your soul mate:

  1. If you are a couple, you will be fulfilled with the arrival of a marriage Where of a birth;
  2. You go a certain success in your work. You'll get the recognition you deserve. 


Mirror time 7:19 p.m.: Practical applications

The mirror hours can be tools, bring change in our life : 

Using 19h19 as a thinking tool

Indeed, the mirror time is 19:19 brings mental clarity, a concentration and of creativity.

  • If you have always been faced with situations where the challenges seem to be stimulating, opportunities will materialize in the form of chance encounters, precious connections and celestial alignments.
  • So, hard workers who believe in these magic hours will reap the rewards of their hard work. On the other hand, contractors will find doors that open to new dimensions of success. 

Personal transformations inspired by 19h19

It's not just a clock, 7:19pm, in fact it's also :

  • A portal to love, the work and thecosmic energy.
  • A reminder that we are creatures linked to the universe and in an eternal dance.
  • This mirror hour accompanies us for stimulate our creativityto open our hearts and find inspiration and so building an imprinted life of meaning and deep connection.
  • Keep in mind that we are masters of our own destiny. So we have the power to co-create with the mysterious forces of the Universe


In summary, the 19h19 mirror time is an hour of well-being in both your personal and professional life. She puts you on the right track. Through your guardian angel, she shows you that you are the masters of your own destiny, so you can shape your life as you see fit.

Have you ever faced this mirror hour? Share your experience with us in the comments section! We'd love to hear about them! 

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