Mirror time 18:18: Discover the secret meaning!

The hour 6:18pm on the clock doesn't simply signal the end of the day for many. Beyond the hands that cross, this mirror hour holds a profound meaning, lurking in the shadows of our universe. Through the double digits, the angelic world whispers in our ears, bringing messages of love, balance and intuition. As the moon subtly illuminates the path of interpretation, the guardian angel Mebahiah keeps watch, revealing the secrets this hour symbolizes. Is it a sign related to a romantic relationship, spiritual guidance or an indication of your professional path? Only the arcana of the Tarot de Marseille holds the key. 6:18 p.m., an hour that invites you to see beyond the tangible, understand universal balance and embrace the creativity it evokes? Ready for a full explanation?

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Mirror hours" are hours where the clock digits form a repeating sequencelike 11:11, 12:12, 13:13, etc. Each number combination has a symbolic meaning often associated with spiritualityto the numerologyand thehe interpretation of signs. In this case, the mirror time 18:18 generally means a progress towards financial abundance.

People who believe in the interpretation of the mirror hours consider these moments to be signs or messages from the universeencouraging them to develop positive thoughts and to prepare to receive more abundance in their lives, especially financially. However, this is a personal belief and has no scientific basis.

Common meanings and interpretations

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Just like mirror time 17:17 or mirror time 19h19The twin hour 18h18 also has a very special meaning. It represents the development, there growth, the success and the realization. This encourages work more and then harvest the fruits your perseverance.

Spiritual interpretation

The 18h18 mirror time suggests that you're on the road to financial abundance. You are fully aware that your thoughts have an influence on your lifestyle, and this is evolving in your favor! This hour is resolutely promising of positiveindicating that you are receive liberating energies your old beliefs about spending and earning money.

You have a unique opportunity toimprove your propensity financial abundance. Learn how to eliminate all erroneous beliefs and the judgments likely to disturb your ability to receive. If receiving abundantly is unusual in your life, the mirror hour 6:18 p.m. can be interpreted as a sign of the subtle world. Use this information to prepare yourself betterthus avoiding disorientation and making the right decisions when your income exceeds your expenses.


The number 1 and 8 contained in the mirror hour 18h18 contains the energy 1 and 8. These numbers have their own interpretation in numerology.

  • For the 1 it is a departure, a hatching, a lightinge or animation. It indicates that you are currently taking trust in you and your projects And you encourages you to continue and persevered.
  • As for the number 8it represents thefairness, the judgment, there good liver as well as loyalty. She also represented loyalty, the common sense, the quietbut also the wisdom.

Through this figure, the mirror hour tells you that you're have a strong personality and you have a strong will and a lot of energy in you. This figure also suggests your project management skills and channeled them to be active.

However, you will need to be careful not to act with aggressiveness and brutalityIf left unchecked, this great force within you can create tensions with those close to you and those around you at work. With your strength, try to communicate with kindness and understanding for the people around you. Putting these figures together, this means gentleness, kindness, energy, decisiveness and efficiency.

Mirror time 18h18 and the angels

  • The message from the angels with the mirror time 6:18 p.m. is thatthey support you whatever happens.
  • Your guardian angel sees your efforts and acts to give you the fruits of your expectations.
  • Through meditation, the angels invite you to open certain channels of extra-sensory perception.
  • It also tells you through this mirror hour that if you're pensive, you will be able ask your angels for support and they'll be there to comfort you.

Mirror time 18:18 with angel Mebahiah

The angel corresponding to 18h18 is the angel Mebahiah. works with you from 6:00 to 6:20 p.m.it represents the creativity, inventiveness, utopia, presentiments and knowledge.

  • This angel helps you to grow and blossom in the field of divination and esoteric occult science.
  • The angel Mebahiah is also theangel of creationit vupporting you in your projects creation and helps you to be more meticulous and precision in your creations.
  • It also helps to have a certain moral character, YOU support And you helps create a spirit of harmony in your books.
  • He can also help you with to bring you wisdom and rationality. So you can call this angel linked at 6:18 p.m. when you have the moral high ground for one of your projects and he'll be there to help you And you restore your self-confidence. It will also help you find the path to fulfillment that's right for you.

Mirror time 18:18 in tarology

The tarot card corresponding to the mirror hour 18h18 is the Moon card. This card represents fear, them emotions, the'concern, l'agitation and theshadow. Anything to do with insecurity.

This card symbolizes a connection with the divine world and reflects your connection with spiritual dimensions. Your connection to the divine is particularly strong, and the hour 18h18 encourages you to persevere in these areas.

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