How to fix a ping pong ball?


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Ping-pong is a real pleasure to play, especially as it's a sport in which you can see your opponent from 2 meters away. The speed of your stroke and your grip are just some of the techniques you need to adopt to win a game. If you're playing with a friend or family member and you only have one ball, remember not to hit too hard, so as not to destroy your little ball.

Are you in the habit of throwing away a ping-pong ball once it's cabossed? And if no stores open when you're playing, will you stop your distraction? In just a few minutes, your ball will be back in shape! Follow the guides below to find out how to repair your Ping-pong ball!

Indeed, not everyone has several balls in their activity kit, and even if you have lots of them, there are ways to recover the rounded shape of a ping-pong ball if it's cabossed.

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(Illustration of a ping-pong ball repair).

Repairing your ping-pong ball: step by step

Tip number 1: Use boiling water

It's very simple:

  • Take a glass of water, boil it in a small bowl and throw your ball in.
  • Naturally, the water will warm the remaining air in the ball and will expand until it reaches its roundness. It's important to be careful, as the ball must not be left in the water. too longthe heat will destroy its coating.
  • To make it quick, you can also immerse the ball in boiling water.
  • Of course, she's not going to drown. a tough thing heat and non-sharp.
  • Wait for a twenty seconds or so and get your racket ready for a new game.
  • The next step is to rcarefully stretch the ball in the water. Be careful to use silicone tongs or a spoon, otherwise you risk burning your fingers.
  • To dry the ball, simply use a handkerchief or a permeable cloth so that the material absorbs the moisture.
  • Let it dry for about 10 minutes and here we go again.

It should be noted that drying should not be carried out on a flat surface, as the ball may deform and lose its spherical shape.

Tip number 2: Use a hair dryer

Yet another way, just as simple as the one above:

  • Plug in your hair dryer and put it in maximum temperature. The chemical reaction remains the same, and the heat returns the ball to its original shape.
  • Once the maximum temperature has been reached, take your ball and hold it by the ends of your fingers.
  • Don't put the ball too close to your hair dryer. a distance of 10 to 15 centimetres to prevent damage.

Basically, the air trapped in the ball will expand and it will return to its original shape. Note that, when drying, put the cabossée part in front of your hair dryer.

For both cheats, the ball might no longer have its previous state in terms of color, but with its resumed shape, there's plenty to make your day.

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