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In this computer age, everything can be easily learned from tutorials published on YouTube channels, in the form of a PDF document or other media. All in all, knowledge is almost everywhere on the Internet.

Our aim is to clarify and dissect the details you usually overlook, so as to redirect you to the essential point without wasting time. In this article, let's talk about manga again. You've got a powerful machine and a software program that specializes in manga designHave you already written the story and the scenarios? Let's talk about it, this content may lead you to a great idea, not forgetting the manga fans.

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What are the types of manga?

The kodomo

This type of manga is made for children under 12. Kodomo doesn't contain many murder scenes, but adventures. These works are perfect for introducing children to manga. These stories often tell the adventures of children or animals, with a moral message in the subtext.

The shōnen

Shōnen is the best-known type of manga in the world. It is intended for young boys. In principle, shōnen contains many fight scenes. Typically, the main character was an underestimated person and, by dint of training, has become stronger than his opponents and shows his strength through heroic deeds, such as saving the world or his loved ones. Among the best-known shōnen are Dragon Ball, One Piece and Naruto.

The shoujo

This type of manga focuses on the development of feelingswhether fromfriendship or thelovebetween the various characters. Visit girls are the first targets shōjo. In most, the story takes place in school settings, where there is a handsome boy and a little girl. At school, their crush is formed, often argues and usually ends up making up. Discover our article dedicated to type of manga shōjo.

The Seine

In terms of age range, seinen is more for young boys aged 15 to 30. Audiences are more mature, and seinen manga is all about mysteries. Typically, powers are very rare in seinen.

the josei

Like shojo, josei is aimed at girls, but the stories are geared towards a more feminine side. more mature context. Basically, the love is still there, except that the milieu changes to a professional one, and the scenes are no longer confined to public places.


Its readers are mainly men. The subjects deal with complex situations, politics and even erotic scenes.

Erotic manga

yaoi and yuri

In a specific way, the yaoi is intended for men and the yuri for women. Both are about sex and, of course, the manga is democratized so everyone has their own taste, that's why we put it in one paragraph.

Redisu or redikomi

the redisu where the redikomi is a manga for adults aimed at a female audience. It is often confused with josei because of the themes involved. The difference between the two lies in the explicitness of the sexual scenes.

The Ecchi

the ecchi is a erotic manga with a tone humorous Where comic. Sexuality is explicitly addressed in these works. Ecchi uses puns to spice up the reading experience. Character types that recur frequently are the pervert, the pedophile or the sex-obsessed hero.


This is a pornographic manga aimed at a mature audience. The drawings and dialogues depict erotic or pornographic situations.

Why is it necessary to know the types of manga?

Before publishing any work, whether physical or virtual, designers have always studied its chances of gaining an audience through the options available to them. Knowing "who I'm addressing" is part of market research. This question can have a long answer, such as choosing your target audience's age range, civility, nationality and, above all, their interest after consulting or consuming your product. Perhaps, as a consumer, you don't need to know these details.

However, it's not insignificant to identify oneself, to ask the "why" in order to move forward, and even to know where to turn. For parents, did you know that the majority of manga consumers are young people? Nowadays, manga is one of the most popular best entertainment the most popular manga for boys and girls. If you sense that your child enjoys manga, find out what type of manga he or she is looking at, so you can better channel them or direct them towards another type if necessary.

In 2022, 1 in every 7 books bought in France was a manga. This represented up to 57% of the comic strip. We hope this article has helped you distinguish between the different types of manga, so you can make an informed choice. Which category best suits your needs? Discover also the real technique to read a manga for a whole new reading experience.

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