Mirror time 08:08: Discover the secret meaning!

The mirror hour 08:08 signifies justice and liberation, whether in love, spirituality or business. The guardian angel's wisdom and angelic meanings will symbolize your spirituality. This twin hour has a precise effect and indicator light for the person, in their love life, professional or otherwise.

Let's learn the secret meaning of the mirror hour in this guide. And if you'd like to know what the previous mirror hour means, find out too the secret meaning of the 07:07 mirror hour among our articles.

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When number of hours is the same as the minutesThis is called a mirror hour. These numbers are messages sent by your angels, your spiritual guides on theUniverse. These hours should not be taken at random, they should attract your attention. When you see them, you are invited take a break and to think for a moment. Indeed, these numbers convey important messages in the spiritual world.

The mirror hour enigma: an introduction

The hours express cosmic vibrationsthey remind you that something magical is happening in your life. It titillates your attention, the numbers evoke some insights into your existence, your career, your relationships as well as your life mission.

What is a mirror hour?

This is called mirror time, a time of day when the watch indicates two of the same digits, For example : 09h0910:10 or 11:11. If you come across these figures, it has an interpretation. It will be different according to the time of day appearance on your dial. If you often come across these mirror hours during the week, it could be a message sent by the Universe.

That's why it's important to understand what it means. So it's important to pay attention to the numbers around you. Identify frequently recurring numbers to determine their meaning.

However, the concept of the mirror hour is not scientifically provenits origin stipulates that there exists a link between time and our unconscious. The mirror hours are here for us represent a significant event. In more esoteric terms, it's a spiritual message a symbolic translation of a message from our soul or a message from our guardian angel.

Mirror hours: some different forms

There are 3 types of mirror hours:

Reverse mirror hours

Reverse mirror time is a hour with figures designers which are inverted in relation to the minute digits. They appear 12 times only in a 24-hour day. They bring spiritual messages directly linked to our private, emotional and professional lives. Indeed, our subconscious intercepts signs sent by a spiritual entity, which is why people experience a strange sensation when they come across the reversed mirror time.

These hours bring you valuable advice, of the prevention or some orientations. However, they can also symbolize, shake up our future.

Double hours

Double hours are first mirror hours we often encounter, notably : 11h11 or 22h22 or other. These are considered to be moments of spiritual connection andalignment. They often mean that you're on the right trackand you are in perfect harmony with your "inner self". if you face these double mirror hours, it means that you need to ask yourself to meditate, to become aware of the present moment.

Triple the hours

Triple hours are also called triple mirror hours or triple mirror hours. times when hours and minutes have three identical digits. They are particularly powerful. They amplify energies and vibrations. From magical moments that encourage us to stay connected to our deepest intentions and to believe in our potential.


Dive into the meaning of the 08:08 mirror hour

Mirror time 08:08 has different meaningsdepending on the angle at which you want to interpret it:

Numerological interpretation of 08h08

Numerology is the art of interpreting the symbolism of numbers. The number 8 has different meanings.

  • First and foremost representation of infinity, the transformation or even a form of transmutation.
  • Moreover, the 8 is linked to the sign astrology of Scorpio. In other words, the incarnation of Hades, the god of Hell, the one who must let die to rise from the ashes.
  • If you see the number 8 in the mirror hour, this means thatit's time to actchange is essential.
  • According to Caroline Drogo, if you are experiencing difficult or challenging times, this mirror hour indicates that this complicated period is coming to an end.

Messages from guardian angels

The angel associated with this mirror hour is NITH-HAIAH.

  • When you view this mirror time, it wants to warn you versus a certain impatience.
  • You're probably in a holding pattern, or you're just starting fed up with being on hold. You're looking for ways to change the situation, but you're not headed in the right direction.
  • Your guardian angel feel your anger rising as well as theaggressiveness.
  • Through 08h08, he encourages you to adopt a more composed attitude. He wants you to understand that anger gets you nowhereshe's a very bad advisor.

Correspondences in the Tarot

The mirror hour 08h08 corresponds to tarot blade n°08 which is Justice.

  • It obviously symbolizes fairness and balance.
  • It is therefore associated with the law, l'honesty, them contracts, them unions Where separations, to wedding Where divorceetc. In short, the meaning will depend on your current situation.
  • It can be a very good thing if you are in an ascending phase and less good otherwise.
  • Justice undoubtedly allows you to experience something better in the future.

O8h08: Impacts and influences on daily life

The mirror hour 08:08 has significance for your life, whether professional, sentimental or otherwise. It's important to listen to the revelations of your guardian angel:

On the sentimental front

According to tarology, the mirror time 08:08 is not insignificant, but it all depends on your current situation.

  • Justice symbolizes the realization of a union via marriage or PACS before the law, if it will be translated into a positive interpretation.
  • If this is not the case, justice can be synonymous with litigation, disagreement that's damaging the relationship. It may even be a separation or even a divorce.

Professional implications

  • In the professional context, mirror time 08:08 refers to the regulations.
  • In better cases, the contractualization, in other words, signing contracts with customers or signing a fixed-term or open-ended contract.
  • If this is not the case, he can evoke the breach of contractthe fact of undergoing a injustice at work and of have to defend themselves.


In short, the 08:08 mirror hour evokes Justice. It is sent by the guardian angel NITH-HAIAH. This means that justice will reignwhether in a better context or not.

Have you ever met your mirror hour? Tell us about it in comments!

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