Mirror time 07:07: Discover the secret meaning!

The mirror hour heralds a change in our lives. It indicates positive energy, whether in spiritual or emotional terms. Mirror hours can be turned into strengths, so it's important to pay attention to what they mean. Let's discover the secret meaning of the mirror hour 07:07 in this guide. And don't miss the secret meaning of the 06:06 mirror hour !

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Mirror hours are schedules with symmetrical numbers: 08h08 or 09:09! In numerology, each mirror hour has a particular meaning. Indeed, it's all based on the principle that numbers and letters have a vibration. According to Caroline Drogo, when you see a lot of mirror hours during the day, this means that you're where you're supposed to beand you can move forward with confidence.

Understanding the mirror hour phenomenon

What is a mirror hour? How does it influence our daily lives?

What is the definition of mirror time?

Mirror hours are a phenomenon observed on digital clocks. They are also known as double hours Where twin hours. Double digits are considered as a message or a sign sent by the Universe. These mirror hours are considered a synchronicity, in other words a coincidence of related events. They are interpreted as signs of the Universe, of the messages from the soulor even messages sent by our guardian angels.

How do mirror hours influence our daily lives?

The human mind is constantly searching for meaning. Its nature evokes the evolutionary process of: seeing, understanding the signals sent by the environment, explaining the slightest anomaly. However, this can become a handicap in a civilized society. Yes, it can, when your eyes read 12h5the brain quickly forgets all the information concerning it and is content with deduce that it's just past noon. Whereas when your brain reads 07h07, he goes wildEven if this schedule is nothing special, the brain focuses on this strangeness and memorizes it as special.

As a result, your brain forgets that for the 07:07 time to be special, you have to divide the day into 24 hours, and hours in 60 minutes. It's a double human convention, and very revocable. Some people use a revolutionary calendar, i.e. one with 10-hour days and 100-minute hours. For this calendar, for example, when it's 11:11, it's exactly 4:66. Although it's the same time of day, there's nothing special about this time.

Demystification: Coincidence or synchronicity?

Mirror hours work with synchronicity. Carl Jung explains this phenomenon, in which two or more events seem to be connected but have no causal link. He has a hidden meaning when we are confronted with frequent coincidences such as mirror hours. Synchronicity refers to a significant coincidence.

Mirror time synchronicity is a sign from the Universe or your Higher Self, in other words, you are shown double time for change your egocentric thinking to great fulfillment. The mirror hours have a specific purpose: reaffirm your faith showing that something big is happening. Indeed, synchronicities bring you closer to your desires. Mirror hours are very important in your life. provide information, of the advice, of the ideas as well as knowledge. They help us to discernment in a difficult situation, show us the way and the path to follow.

Deep dive into the meaning of 07:07 a.m.

The mirror hour 07:07 has several meanings and interpretations:

Numerological interpretations

  • The number 7 represents mind control on the material and the spiritual.
  • It has a influence on thinking, analysis and the interior life.
  • The goal is to endowed with great wisdom and a all-round personalitya person capable of understanding others and situations that present themselves.
  • Every individual needs to take time before acting. Time has real power, and real solutions always come from it. The number 7 shows that you need a large space and even nature. You feel a feeling of lackyou are in search of authenticity and of quality : sport, healthy food, pure air, etc.
  • The number 7 represents knowledge and the know. The repetition of this number in the mirror hour 07:07 would increase your chances of becoming aware of something or of solve a problem.
  • The chance is also next to this number 7, because this number simply represents magic.

Don't ask yourself why Harry Potter has 7 volumes, because you've already got your answer.

Messages from guardian angels

The time 07:07 is surely a message from the angels. In fact, the guardian angel linked to the time 07:07 is Yeiayel. A male angel symbolizing renamed and the benevolence.

  • His message corresponds to assets, and the generosity.
  • It can supplyhelp during an inner upheaval.
  • It offers a emotional balance to the people who call on it.
  • On the other hand, this double hour is similar to awakening. In other words, themental awakening and spiritual.
  • According to Caroline Drogo, this mirror hour invites us to introspection.
  • It also sends us the following message: you're on the right roadawareness is coming. Stay zen and listen to yourselfYou'll soon have the solution to the problems that have been nagging at you for months.
  • The belief is that you be lucky during the day, if you see this time in the morning.
  • You will be prosperous in love, in businessetc. Besides, they always say that the future belongs to those who get up early.

Symbology and tarot correspondences

Angelology is the esoteric practice of believing in guardian angels.

  • Mirror time 07:07 represents the nobility, the charm and the seductionanda little help in difficult times.
  • It's an hour doubly beneficial. The Tarot de Marseille card corresponding to 07h07 is arcana number 7: the cart. The fields of expertise represent a chariot drawn by two horses as follows: movement and action.
  • It promotes motivation and theactivation. The Chariot also means keys to success are in us and the victory is near.
  • This Arcanum invites you to take a full part in life and not just be passive.

Impact of 07:07 on various aspects of life

Let's discover the impact of this mirror hour on different aspects of your life:

Love and relationships

Mirror hours are a message source in our daily lives, whether in love or in relationships.

  • If the mirror time 07:07 is linked to your romantic relationship, this means thatit's time to change some things. This special hour can be a reminder to communicate with your partner or on the other hand take a step back.
  • Mirror time means the need to focus on oneself before investing in a relationship.
  • This for lay solid foundations so that the relationship can grow without major hassles or obstacles.

Professional life and career path

The 07:07 mirror time is very significant.

  • The Chariot is a symbol of success and of prosperity. It marks thethe culmination of a project or a professional retraining.
  • It may be a promotiona career advancement.
  • For those who are looking for a jobis the sign of a major step forward of their current situation.


In short, the mirror hour 07:07 is significant, a message delivered by the angel Yeiayel. She a of significance in the world of love and business. Facing the twin hour, demonstrate great ingenuity and awaken your charm.

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