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Nowadays, the majority of children are fascinated by television, one of the most popular forms of recreation. What's more, it's one of their favorite pastimes. Watching films, cartoons and documentaries awakens their curiosity and intelligence, as they discover new things and keep up to date with what's going on in the world.

Every child is unique, and children develop their creativity after discovering a video that has made such an impression or fascinated them. But how do we choose the right videos to awaken children's intelligence? The real question is whether everything on TV is beneficial, or whether there are risks that can harm them. What kind of videos can your children watch?

Here you'll find everything you need to know to choose the ideal video for your children!

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How do you choose the right videos for your children?

In principle, it is children who watch the majority of video these days. This is one of the reasons why many production companies target children through their videos. For this, the producers have included historical characters, heroic actors, diversified activities, attractive games, and several attractive and educational elements in the contents of their video which are adapted to the expectations and needs of children.

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What value do videos bring?

This is one of the most important criteria when choosing the right video content for your children. What's more, the attitudes and behaviors the characters embody are also important if you want them to have a good influence on your children.

Indeed, it is by proxy that children learn how to behave of their favorite cartoons/other content. As children, they tend to imitate, use the same reactions as these characters and sometimes even use the same words.

What kind of stimulation do these videos offer?

When selecting content suitable for children, focusing on the plot is crucial, but so is the type of stimulation it offers.

Indeed, if they have short shots, intense sound and lighting, they tend to be addictive. This hypnotizes children, making them dependent on the content. Although they may be glued to the screen for a while, this excessive stimulation is detrimental to learning.

Therefore, if you want this content to have a positive effect on your children, avoid it with over-stimulation.

What age-appropriate video?

Yes, this criterion is also important in choosing the right content for your children! Indeed infants and the game's school-age children shouldn't be watching the same programs, since their celebratory maturity and needs are different.

In this respect, many pediatric associations and experts believe that children under the age of 2 should not be exposed to screens.

Criteria to be restricted in the content of videos designed for children:

It's clear that if the video deals with themes obscene, erotica or sexual, whether the scenes show violent or even brutal actions, such content must be censored.

In any case, for any other theme reserved for adults, the video will be unsuitable for a child or even a young audience. The latter must be subject to an age limit, as it is not at all suitable for viewers under 18.

Parents' role in choosing videos for their children

In short, parents must follow the programs and videos their children watch, to avoid the latter exerting negative influences that are bound to harm the children's well-being. If they watch videos on a phone, you can follow the phone to see the content they had just watched, or the next video.

That's why we always recommend watch the videos in advance before the children to find out the real message conveyed in its content, and to anticipate the various questions they may have, so as to provide the best possible response.

After all, we all know that video is the best learning medium for everyone, so let's use it to develop the real hidden talent in our children.

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