Patch Notes (12.12.2023) Update 8.0

We've been working on this update for a while, and it's a big one: we've got a brand-new game mode; a brand-new way to obtain Mythic Champions; a way to craft Mythic Artifacts, as well as a few small fixes and updates! Let's dive into the star of this update: the Cursed City!

Cursed City

The Cursed City is a monthly challenge where you traverse a city filled with dangerous enemies who must be fought under special and changing conditions. There are 100 increasingly difficult Stages spread across 4 Districts, culminating in the Eclipse Tower where Amius Lunar Archon awaits you.

You can choose the path you take through the Cursed City. After each reset, the Cursed City changes and a new rotation opens, with new conditions for each Step.

Each rotation of the Cursed City is available for a period of 30 days. You have 30 days to complete the 100 Steps and defeat Amius Lunar Archon. At the end of the 30-day period, the Cursed City resets and you can begin the journey again for another heap of rewards.

The Cursed City has two difficulties: Normal and Difficult. Both are available at the same time, and you can choose which difficulty you want to start the journey on. You can even switch from one difficulty to the other.

To tackle the Steps in the Cursed City, you'll need Cursed City Keys. They work in a similar way to Doom Tower Keys, in that you'll only use a Cursed City Key if you complete the Step you're attempting. Losing a Step will not cause you to lose a Key to the Cursed City. Cursed City Keys refresh every day at 00:00 UTC.

With each cycle, you can also complete Special Quests and earn additional rewards, including a Mythical Demon Champion - the first of its kind in the world. Karnage the Anarch !

The Cursed City is divided into four Districts: Cobblemarket, Deadrise, Plagueholme and Soulcross. Each district has 25 Stages, 6 of which are Boss or Double Boss Stages.

The Boss of the Cursed City is Amius Archon Lunar, who lives at the top of the Eclipse Tower in the center of the Cursed City.

To take on Amius, you need to collect 3 Eclipse Keys, which can be obtained by beating Double Bosses in Cobblemarket, Deadrise and Plagueholme. Double Boss Steps require you to fight two Bosses at the same time.

Awakened Steps are special challenges that require the use of Awakened Champions.

This is just a glimpse of the City, for more details go to the new game mode and read the guide.

New Debuffs

Karnage the Anarch has a brand-new debuff in its arsenal: [Seal]. The [Seal] debuff blocks the effects of Equipment Sets and Masteries, with the exception of Stats bonuses granted by Artifacts and Accessories, as well as Masteries that only increase Stats such as Disciple of the Blade, Impeccable Execution, and so on.

[Master Seal] is an improved version of this debuff, which also blocks the effects of Blessings (with the exception of stat bonuses).

The [Seal] and [Master Seal] debuffs do not block effects that were activated before these debuffs were placed.

New Artifact Sets

Defeating Boss Steps in the Cursed City will earn you a selection of rewards, including Artifacts and Accessories from the Supersonic and Merciless Sets. These are Variable Equipment Sets, which means you get additional bonuses depending on the number of pieces worn by a Champion. They are also available in Mythic Rarity, which is stronger than Legendary.

Mythical charms

We're adding special Mythic Charms that give you a chance to craft Mythic Artifacts in the Forge. It is not possible to craft Mythic Artifacts without these Mythic Charms. Mythic Charms can be used when crafting any Set available in the Forge, but can only be used to craft Rank 5-6 Artifacts.

You can combine Mythic Charms and Rarity Charms together for a greater chance of crafting Mythic Artifacts.

Mythical Chaos Minerals

We are also adding Mythic Chaos Minerals 5* and 6*. Like Epic and Legendary Chaos Minerals, these will randomly change the stats of Rank 5 and 6 artifacts or accessories of Mythic Rarity or lower.

Invocation with Remains

We've added a new resource to the game - Cursed Remnants, which you can only obtain in the Cursed City on Hard Difficulty. You can use them in the Summoning tab with Remnants in the Portal to summon Epic and Mythic Champions, including Void Affinity Epic Champions. For more information, go to the tab and press the information button.

Stories of Champions

This update adds a new series of champion stories to the game! Discover the stories of characters like Galek Ultimate, Madame Serris and Zargala, with more to come in future updates. If your favorite isn't here yet, stay tuned - it might be in the future!

Here is the complete list of added champion stories:

Other improvements and battle corrections

  • Points earned in Events, as well as Coins earned in Hero's Path Events, will now count as Points in Clan Quests.
  • Holding down the portrait of a Champion in the group of available Champions during a Progressive Chance event will open that Champion's page in the Index.
  • Fixed a visual bug that caused the Fusion tab in the Portal to incorrectly display Champions eligible for Fusion.
  • Fixed an audio bug that caused rain sounds to be absent in a second Live Arena battle, if a player initiated two battles in succession.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the [Increase DEG C.] animation to be displayed when Charcutier placed a [Increase RATE C.] buff.
  • Corrected a visual bug that caused the visual effects of PV Burn and Perfect Veil to be displayed incorrectly on the Alternate Forms of Dame Mikage and Krixia Queen of Night, depending on whether they were placed before or after the Metamorph transformation.
  • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect windows to open in different game modes when a Clan member's icon was pressed.
  • Fixed a bug where pressing a notification after completing a Quest did not send players to the corresponding window in the game.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Points earned in the Hero's Path, Destiny Deck and Titan Events to count towards the "Earn 25,000 Points in Events" Mission.
  • Fixed a bug where a Clan Quest completed during the weekly reset period was not available to be claimed by a Clan member after the weekly reset.
  • Fixed a visual bug that caused Crystal Offerings text to be displayed incorrectly in the Summoning Pool tab in the Portal.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a Clan Moderator to see chat messages from a previous Clan after changing Clan.

Find out more about the Champions :

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