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For one reason or another, the idea of controlling another person's cell phone has surely crossed your mind. The reasons can be many. To detect infidelity, for example, many women are looking for applications to use to find out if their husbands are cheating on them.

Yes, there's an application designed specifically to meet this need. If you'd like to pursue this control one or more smartphones at a timeI invite you to discover together in this article the famous application called "Teamviewer ".

How does this application work? We'll walk you through downloading, installing and using it. For Android-based devices, remote access to another phone or tablet is possible thanks to "Teamviewer".

Teamviewer: the application for controlling another phone

Initially designed for personal use, this application is completely free of charge. The aim of its creation was to give everyone the benefit of "remote assistance", but above all remote access to several terminals via a PC. First launched in 2005, it continues to evolve to meet user requirements.

If the phone to be controlled is Android-based, it can be controlled from a phone or tablet. It's important to note that the application is completely free. The first step is to download TeamViewer Remote Control on your device. You can choose between the play store or the Teamviewer website to download it.

On the remote Android device you wish to control, you need to download and install the TeamViewer QuickSupport then authorize application of display above other applications in Android settings.

Image to illustrate Teamviewer software

Steps to control another phone with TeamViewer

Step 1: Connect to Teamviewer Remote Control on your Android, tablet or PC

  1. On your Android, open the TeamViewer Remote Control application and access the Connect menu.
  2. Then enter theID TeamViewer displayed on the QuickSupport of the Android device you wish to control.
  3. Press the Remote control.

Step 2: Authorize connection on the device you wish to control

A remote control confirmation appears on the screen of the Android you wish to control. Press Allow to enable the remote control connection.

Step 3: Successful connection

You can now control your partner's or another person's phone. His or her phone's screen appears on yours, and you can navigate as if you had his or her phone in your possession.

The evolution and progress of the application

Today, TeamViewer is mainly used in professional environmentIn France, many companies opt to use it, particularly for online technical assistance. It is used more in the technical department to carry out manipulations that seem rather complex to perform for customers of a certain age. TeamViewer offers a license for users who intend to use it for professional purposes.

Technical problems are analyzed and resolved in no time thanks to this application. Employees can access office elements securely at any time and from any device. It's now easy to view the screens of customers' laptops and check off-site servers.

Have you ever tried using Teamviewer or another application to monitor someone else's phone? Tell us about your experience in comments. Also find out how to control cell phone in our other guide.

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