What are the costs for importing a car to Germany?


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If many French people are now turning to Germany for their car purchases, it's because it offers a number of advantages. undeniable advantages. A wide range of models, very attractive prices, world-renowned quality and reliability, and a more or less undaunting returns procedure. Many people opt for car leasing in Germany.

From now on, when you buy a car in Germany, the import cost will be added to the purchase price of the car. Our article will explain how much it costs to import a car into Germany. In fact, it should be noted that there are certain import costs when buying a car in Germany. ecological malus and the VAT. The cost depends on the type and use of the vehicle. Let's take a closer look.

Illustration of a car to be imported into Germany

What is the cost of importing a car into Germany with the ecological bonus-malus?

A vehicle imported into Germany, whether used or not, is always subject to the principle of the ecological bonus/malus knowing that it is considered new by the government. As a reminder, the ecological bonus/malus rule is a tax applicable to the first registration of a car in France. It is calculated according to the car's tax rating, which in turn is calculated according to engine power in kW and the number of grams of CO2 emitted per km.

As mentioned earlier, the price of a car in Germany now includes import costs. As a result, the cost of the ecological penalty for a new car in Germany :

  • Varied between 50 and 9,681 euros for a car that emits between 118 to 171g of CO2 per km ;
  • Includes between 10,692 and 20,569 euros for a car that emits between 172 to 179g of CO2 per km ;
  • Includes between 22,380 and 45,990 euros for vehicles emitting between 180 to 179g of CO2 per km.
  • Includes between 48,901 and 55,023 euros for vehicles emitting between 191 and 193g of CO2 per km.
  • 60,000 for vehicles emitting more than 194g of CO2 per km

The ecological penalty does not apply to cars with less than 4 horsepower. For used vehicles purchased in Germany, the rules are the same as for new vehicles. The only difference is that the amount of the "malus" is calculated according to the date of the vehicle's first year of registration in Germany.

The different taxes on these cars

The VAT is also mandatory when importing a car into Germany, in order to obtain the "quitus fiscal", a compulsory document for registering a vehicle in France. VAT rules now differ from one car to another, depending on its use.

A German automobile bought for personal use

For a private carthree cases are possible:

  • Purchase of a new vehicle: VAT is charged at the French rate of 20 % ;
  • Purchase of a second-hand vehicle from a professional (a garage or a car dealer): VAT is paid at the German rate, therefore the rate of 19 %;
  • Purchase of a used vehicle from an individual: the tax clearance is free, there is no VAT to pay.
Illustration of a German car

A German car bought for professional use

A car purchased in Germany is VAT-deductible as in France. This means that the tax clearance is free if it is a car for professional use (agricultural vehicle, goods transporter, taxi, van, driving school car, among others).

In short, even if there is no import tax as such for a German vehicle, there are nonetheless certain taxes that must be paid. additional costs to take into account. If you don't want the hassle of importing a car into Germany, you can now call on the services of a car dealer.

How to bring a car from this city easily and legally?

In recent years, many special car enthusiasts have not hesitated to drive for miles, or even fly, to buy a car outside France or the European zone. Of course, this necessarily takes into account the condition of the car, the seller, and many other things that can hinder your future sale of the car. That's why a number of companies and professionals have set out to help private individuals to buying cars in other countries and repatriate them to France.

Whether you're looking for a beautiful American car or a used car germany, you can directly appeal to an agent such as Bolidem. The latter will find you the German car model you are looking for, check the condition of the vehicle, negotiate if necessary and make the necessary arrangements. repatriate the car to France at your home. Of course, we will advise you to go to the agent's website to find out more about the repatriation of foreign cars in France.

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