Is pectin gelling agent halal or haram?

Certain food products, including Alcoholic vinegars are Haram because of their ingredients. This is also the case for certain gelling agents. So it's important to know the ingredients that make them up before consuming them. In this article, let's find out together whether pectin gelling agent is Halal or Haram?

Is a pectin gelling agent Halal or Haram?

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Although it is a gelling agent or gelatin, the pork gelatin is Haram in Islam. Pork fat is considered impure or non-halal by Muslims. The scholars have ruled that pork fat is unlawful, which is logical since pork is haram. According to IFTA's Standing Committee of Scholars: "If gelatin is prepared from an illicit substance such as pork or a part of pork such as skin, bones, etc., it is then illegal ".

This decision is supported by the word of Allah in the Koran:

"Forbidden to you are the dead beast, blood and flesh of swine".

Non-pork gelatin: Halal or not?

Non-pork gelatin is legal but subject to conditions. A Muslim must respect Islamic prescriptions for the animal to be halal. According to Sheikh Utheymine :

"If the beast died without the action of man or the priest didn't slit her throat legislated, or that it is a person whose sacrifice we are not allowed to sacrificethen it's a dead beast. It is then illegal ". Thus, it is haram.

On the other hand, if a Majûsi or fire-worshipper slits a cow's throat, is illegal, even if he utters the name of Allah while drawing blood. On the other hand, if a Muslim slits the throat of a cow in a non-legislated way, it becomes illicit. As such, it is considered a dead beast.

If there is no no illegal substances in the constituents of gelatin, it becomes legal. Before consuming it, you must check source and the manufacturing process specific gelatine. There are, however, some companies that offer halal alternatives, i.e. they use authorized sources.

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