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A network error has occurred. Try Again. (Error 2000) on Twitch

Do you have the network error as in the title?

Here is the advice I apply myself when this error occurs:

Test 1: I do a simple F5

I just do a simple F5, I think everyone has to try so we quickly move on to test 2!

Test 2: I do a Shift+F5

The shift (SHIFT)+F5 key clears the cache! So you can clear the cache of the twitch page and it can help you!

Test 3: Clear your browser cache

Go to your settings then go to EMPTY your cache. (or delete the data)

Be careful, not many sites tell you this, but you will lose all your saved passwords so be sure to find all your passwords!

You don't know how to delete your cache? Come and ask us on our discord

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Test 4: Restart your box

And yes the famous, restart your box, It's simple and from my side it fixes the problem all the time! So do it 😉

If you didn't succeed, come on the discord:

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I hope this tutorial has helped you!

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