What does "Netflix and Chill" mean?


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"Netflix and chill" in English literally means "Netflix and relax", but over time the expression has come to mean an invitation to take part in an intimate activity while watching a show or film on the Netlfix platform.

Since the term was first used in 2009, this English expression has been a huge hit on various social media sites, on Twitter and then on Facebook. Want to take a closer look at what "Netflix and Chill" means? Find out everything there is to know about this expression in this article!

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What does "Netflix and Chill" mean?

This designation is used in different contexts when talking about sex, for example during a one-night stand or during a romantic relationship. This expression can replace the mention -18 or -16 in the sides of our screen. It's a slang expression used by Internet users when they're going to talk about a sexual activity. So if someone offers you a kind of "Netflix and Chill", don't expect to spend that time just watching TV!

Origin of this expression

  • The expression "Netflix and chill" first appeared in January. 2009 when she sent a message on X from "NoFaceNina", or La Shanda Rene Foster, on which she wrote: " I'm about to log on to Netflix and relax for the rest of the night. "There was no sexual connotation yet.
  • In 2013As Netflix gained notoriety in America, the number of subscribers increased considerably - millions of subscribers, to be precise. This has also led to an increase in both written and spoken expression.
  • In June 2014, the term has spread throughout the Black Twitter community.
  • In april 2015The definition of the term has been added to the Urban Dictionary, where it is defined as "code for two people going to each other's houses and [having sex] or doing other sex-related acts".

Nowadays, this expression is known almost worldwide and even attracts the attention of various news sites such as the Daily Mirror.

What are the impacts of using this term?

We've seen that the expression is currently in people's everyday vocabulary. It was having a positive impact on the education system, in September 2015, students coming from two different universities set up festivals dedicated to the phrase "Netflix and chill", one of which was upheld and one cancelled by the authority, as the latter was able to gather a huge number of people.

Netflix has designed a prototype of a button called "The Switch" whose role is to dimming the light in a house when you press the "Netflix and chill" or "Do not disturb" button on your smartphone.

  • In October 2015, Kori Williams who is none other than an entrepreneur having launched an online condom sale that is none other than his own creation bearing the name Netflix and Chill.
  • In December 2015, famous singer and actress Ariana Grande also released an acronym on Christmas & Chill.
  • In mid-2016, the songwriter-Danah released his acronym under "Netflix and Chill".

The phrase "Netflix and chill" had become a great source of inspiration for artists, businesses and the media, and was used as a marketing slogan in various countries around the world.

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